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Cherise Selley February 28th, 2010

The business of Colorado Springs Real Estate has been very hectic lately, trying to balance the rigors of community engagements, social media blogging, accommodating new buyers, taking new listings, reviewing agent files, keeping the group motivated and this is just half the list for today.

While in my office and frantically pounding on my laptop keyboard, my husband (Gordon) eased into my office and stood in front of my desk, absolutely remaining quiet.

At first, I wanted to throw something at him because I was so busy, and he didn’t seem to be busy at all. But when I really looked into his eyes, I sensed calmness about him. So for a few minutes we sat down together, while I discussed my day with him.

He reminded me about how to deal with too much work, too much stress and too many deadlines.

Gordon encouraged me about who I was and what I’m really living for. In short, he explained that you can’t walk by faith if you don’t pray when you’re trying to do everything yourself. And secondarily, you can’t feed your innermost parts if you live only for what is outward, trying to make everything okay for the future.

After he spoke, I stopped, then prayed for a few minutes, then realized that even though I’ve been given tremendous responsibility as a leader, that I must not neglect my inner being. It’s part of my holy temple onto God.

Perhaps this short piece of advice might be of help for you if you’re running your life on overload!

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