Colorado Springs Realtors - September, 2010

Listen to this consumer-centric market before making changes

Cherise Selley September 23rd, 2010

I think all of us keep hearing the messages that we have to adapt to change.  And also, if we continue to rely on how we once practiced real estate during the equity-building years, then we’ll probably suffer gigantic financial losses or lose our businesses due to the declining markets and our inability to readily [...]


Denver Magazine Chef of the Year – Jennifer Jasinski

Cherise Selley September 22nd, 2010

Once and awhile Cherise and I like to cruise northbound on I-25 to Denver (50 minutes away) for a change in scenery. Oh, by the way, the drive from the Springs to Denver is stunning, especially around sunset when the reflection of sunlight against the mountains is wheat-colored and brings out the fascinating particulars of [...]


Amendment 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 for Colorado

Cherise Selley September 21st, 2010

Gordon and I really enjoy watching CBS Sunday Morning, especially the segment, “The Fast Draw,” in which Mitch Butler and Josh Landis have a very unique way of communicating our cultural issues through some very creative drawing (cartoonish) techniques.  It’s similar to the way UPS advertises their commercials through their thought-provoking artist, who sketches and [...]


It takes Power over Passion to Maintain Perseverance

Cherise Selley September 20th, 2010

Over the weekend, I ran into a colleague for whom I’ve known for ten years in the Colorado Springs Real Estate business.  He’s close to my age, and we share similar proclivities about the ways in which we operate this hectic business. Like other agents who I’ve encountered over the past few months, he’s also [...]


We Can’t Stress Value Enough These Days

Cherise Selley September 18th, 2010

Value, value, value…I can’t say this enough during these downtrodden times of real estate, and as a matter of fact, I can also speak of this for practically every other industry. No matter how we reply to those who ask how we’re doing in business, the reality is that we’re most likely experiencing a slower [...]