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Judy Steenland

Broker Associate


Like so many people who absolutely fall in love with the beauty and richness of the Rocky Mountains, the Steenland family felt Cupid’s arrow pierce their hearts about Colorado. After visiting the outdoors of Colorado over the years, Judy, her husband, and their three kids realized that they were spellbound in love with the culture of Colorado. So much so, that they finally decided to make a larger than life decision, reconstructing their lives by leaving their firmly planted roots of Dallas, TX for the outdoors and community of Colorado Springs during 2018. Basically, since embarking on a full-scale move, Judy has grown a second pair of eyes, being able to see what others might miss about the unexpected demands when moving from one state to another. Yet, this is really who Judy is - a person with incredible eyesight for the hidden and/or unspoken things. She has a keen sense to observe the important details of an entire real estate transaction, from contract to closing and to whatever else is required to make that long-lasting connection with whoever she represents. During her illustrious, 20-year career in Dallas, TX, Judy was consistently in the top 10% of over 30,000 agents. Clients relied heavily on Judy’s particular ability to see the beauty of homes, or how to make the ordinary to become something extraordinary. In fact, this is evident as Judy is a Certified Luxury Marketing Agent and a Certified Stager & Decorator. Besides being able to see the insightful parts of life, others also see the spectacular parts of Judy. Status quo is not part of her mindset nor her curriculum vitae. Rather, Judy connects with the life-giving aspects of life, and others are drawn to her light. Interests include: Family, Travel, Outdoor Activities, Faith, Foodie at heart - loves to experience different cultures through their native cuisine...


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