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Val Rosenthal



Every one of us makes choices every day. Some are tougher than others. And when it comes to work, oftentimes, it’s easier to choose the path of least resistance. But choosing the easier path or doing what is best for me, in a short blurb…is NOT my approach to either living or working. I choose JOY…no matter the difficulties that might lay ahead. And when it comes to this crazy, busy, real estate business, I still choose JOY over all of the other inconveniences. Because simply… some of my biggest joys in life are being able to play a small role in peoples’ sense of happiness! And what better career to be part of that feeling of joy! When asked what is that extra special thing I bring to the real estate table? Sharp LISTENING skills! Simply put, I love to listen to others and to discern and to help them realize their own real estate dreams. In a word, I’ll bring that sense of CALM when you’re trying to reach the mountaintop of your real estate aspirations. And when it’s all said and done. I know that I’ve done my job well when you have that “Ahh-Ahh” moment, in which that house you have chosen now feels completely like your home! Personal Information: Over the moon in love with my husband, Verlyn, of 36 years. And I can’t forget to mention that I have one amazing daughter, an awesome son in law, and the cutest little granddaughter you have ever seen! Interests: Faith, Family, Friends…. A perfect day would be spent on the beach under an umbrella and reading a book or sitting on my back deck in the Colorado sunshine, sipping coffee and enjoying the company of family and friends!


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