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Old Colorado City is conveniently located between Manitou Springs and Downtown Colorado Springs. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the timeless appeal and vintage charm of Victorian homes & historic buildings nestled along the tree-lined streets.

Discover some of my favorite places to dine in town: Jake & Telley’s for amazing Greek food and Paravicini’s is a wonderful Italian restaurant. 503W brings in the “cool factor” to a converted warehouse w/ garage doors that frame the building, and the popcorn at Brother Luck is so good it should be forbidden!

If the walls from the buildings could talk, they would tell of days of the wild west that now bustle with today’s commercial activity. For instance, Agia Sofia (a non-profit coffee house and book store) & adjacent Daisy in a Bottle (a must-see clothing boutique) occupy a historic old jailhouse building. Beyond tourism and shopping, annual events like ArtWalk & Territory Days are part of the heritage of Old Colorado City.

Movie fact: Jane Fonda and Robert Redford recently filmed part of their movie in Colorado Springs. The site location involves a home in Old Colorado City.

Real estate in this area includes a little bit of it all, from Victorian homes to modern architecture. Oftentimes you will see people renovating homes and commercial spaces and reselling them or enjoying them for their own use for years to come. Old Colorado City is one area prime for redevelopment opportunities over the years.

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The historic town of Manitou Springs is located in the foothills just West of Colorado Springs. Experience historic culture, amazing shopping, beautiful bed & breakfasts, and great tourist stops as well as gathering places of the locals. Insider tip: if you are a foodie, visit The Olive Tap for the most amazing variety of oils and basaltic vinegars you will find in Colorado. (I especially love the dark chocolate basaltic vinegar drizzled on pears. YUM)!

It is also fun to explore the grounds of Briarhurst Manor. They are just beautiful ~ a great place for a wedding venue; plus this is a wonderful place to celebrate that special occasion dinner. Renowned Bed and Breakfast, The Cliff House, is a perfect local romantic getaway.

As a kid, the historic Manitou Springs Penny Arcade was one of the places I enjoyed going to again and again for a mean game of Skee-ball. It’s fun to go back to the places that were enjoyed by the former generation!

Housing in Manitou is as diverse as it comes. You will find everything from charming turn-of-the-century Victorian homes to small bungalows. Head up the “Crookedest Road in North America by Robert L. Ripley” to explore the gated community of Crystal Park ~ it is truly a hidden gem in our city. Plus enjoy amazing custom homes showcasing mountain and city views for miles in the neighborhood of Cedar Heights. The community is located in the D-14 school district.

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The vibe of Flying Horse showcases several different subareas outlined along the golf course, open space and parks. The mountain views provide a beautiful backdrop of serenity, contrasting the greens of the Tom Weiskopf Signature Golf Course throughout the community. Flying Horse exemplifies a neighborhood with a hip “fun factor” along with abundant options of custom housing and new home construction found in this premier Northern Colorado Springs neighborhood.

The Flying Horse Club caters to golf enthusiasts, tennis players, swimmers of all kinds, sunbathers, and any of those who enjoy fine dining in an upscale environment. The Club, of course, comes with premium workout facilities, exquisite spa treatments, and world class dining (you’ll have to check out The Steakhouse that opened up this year). There are so many activities for adults and kids alike; so living in Flying Horse is a perpetual place to connect with other people and is a wonderful playground for the entire family.

We have our own custom homebuilder, Alliance Builders, as well as many others in the community. Real Estate ranges from the $400’s into the millions. Flying Horse is located within Academy School District 20, which has previously been voted Best Local School District by Colorado Springs Business Journal and is renowned for their excellence in education. With a wide variety of housing options, the close proximity to the Northgate Corridor which just opened a new Sprouts along with Bass Pro Shop and a host of other convenient shopping, you will be in the heartbeat of all that is new in our city.

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As an alumnus, it is always exciting to see the new developments happening in your alma mater. As a graduate of UCCS, it is extraordinary to see the development happening on the 450 acres that house the University. Buildings are popping up along the Nevada Corridor, businesses are popping up and thriving, and the housing demand of the 11,500 students who are enrolled at the school is adding value to the surrounding community. I got to have a peak at some of the developments happening in the sports programs with the Peak Producers, (my access to the presentation was through Cherise, vice-president of Peak Producers). 

To illustrate the growth, Beau Kelly, UCCS’s Assistant Director of Development, showed us comparisons to the 2004 numbers, and the growth is really impressive. The school has gone from 7,646 enrolled students to 11,500. The athletic scholarship budget has grown from $250k to $1.2m, and the coaching salary has more than doubled. What this means is high quality coaches bringing in high quality athletes, which is a huge boon to this growing D-2 school. They’ve just added a baseball program and are creating a world-class indoor track and field complex next spring. Beau’s excitement ran through the attending members of Peak Producers, because the growth in the athletics program is a great sign for the growth of the rest of the school.

Beau also made sure to lay out some facts related to UCCS’s economic impact, which was very insightful. UCCS, on its campus, employs 1,700 people and adds $310m dollars to the local economy. Not to mention a 90% retention rate of graduates, meaning that 90% of UCCS graduates stay in Colorado Springs, putting their new education in to practice while working for local companies and creating new businesses here in the Springs.

For more information on UCCS, check out For more information on their athletics programs:

For more information on Peak Producers:

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As a visual artist, I’m always seeking out visually-captivating experiences. When I heard about the Lantern Glow at the Pikes Peak International Raceway, I had to check it out. Overall, it was a great experience, with what seemed like thousands of people showing up to enjoy some time together and participate in a celebration of light, friendship and the start of summer. Summer in Colorado Springs is full of amazing and beautiful events framed around the afternoon thunderstorms that come in like clockwork over the Rockies.

I brought along our new video tool, the DJI OSMO, and was really pleased with the results. Check out this little video I made and get a view of the Lantern Glow through my eyes! As I explore more events around Colorado Springs, I will be bringing the OSMO with me, with the goal of showing some of the amazing activities that Colorado Springs has to offer. More likely than not, you will see my beautiful companion, Vivianna. The next video I will be putting up is a quick look at Territory Days, the annual Memorial Day Weekend Event that takes over Old Colorado City.

By: Kristofer Warbritton

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Selley Gorup Real Estate Blog Spring is in the Air

Spring has finally reached Colorado again, bringing with it flowering trees, the promise of warmer weather and longer days. The experience of watching the mountain faces change from powdered white to jagged and purple is always beautiful and exciting, while also opening up a fresh, outdoor playground with a whole new set of activities. While being in the mountains to ski and snowmobile is a blast, warmer weather brings with it a whole new scope of exploration, adventuring and connecting to the beautiful mountain paradise, all accessible with as little as a 20-minute drive. This is the time of year when I begin to feel invigorated again, and my old hiking boots seem to practically scream for some attention and use.

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There is no way to tame these mountains, but hiking is a lovely way to spend a morning or an evening, and the peaks are always among the most beautiful of subjects for photographs. Access to mountains and hiking trails from the Springs is incredible, with places like Garden of the Gods, Red Rock Canyon Open Space, and Cheyenne Canyon providing beautiful landscapes with access to trails and climbs of every skill level!

That being said, growing up in Colorado, you get used to the weather being 70 degrees one day, 35 and snowing the next day… or even in the next few hours – and then right back to 70. This diverse and unpredictable weather is part of what makes Colorado great. There’s a wildness to the state that people who live here begin to understand, respect and expect.There’s really no way to predict the outcome of a system as it comes bumbling over the Rockies… I always thought being a weatherman in Colorado would be an incredibly difficult job. As an avid outdoorsman and explorer, it is important to keep in mind that the weather can change on a dime – especially on top of mountains. Understanding how weather works here can keep you from getting into a bad situation.

My advice: if you’re going on big hike, make sure to bring some hearty snacks like trail mix and jerky plus a little extra water than you think you’ll need. Start early, summit early. Enjoy the feeling of the endorphins rushing to your head at 14,000 feet… there’s nothing like it in the world. But also bring a jacket, because when a storm materializes over the mountains and you find yourself sprinting against the wind to get back to your car before the lightening and rain starts, you’ll be happy you have it.

Just a tidbit that may or may not have been learned from personal experience.

By: Kristofer Warbritton

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Selley Group Real Estate Blog QSC Platinum Award

It is an honor, and with that honor I have a tremendous sense of responsibility concerning the QSC Platinum Award.  May this not give the illusion of perfection even though it’s a 5-star rating.Selley Group Real Estate, LLC

I’m far from perfect but strive every day for improvement and transformation, both personally and professionally.  My business has relied heavily on the faithful referrals from past clients and friends over the years.  I couldn’t do it without the people who have made it possible.

I put my heart into what I do, and this will never change.  Thank you dear clients, friends and family for your support and loyalty.  Nothing means more to me in our industry than being awarded a Platinum level of service, even if my boots are dusty!



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Change is a constant in life. As much as we like to get comfortable in a set pattern of living or doing business, change will eventually come a-knocking, and when it does, we must embrace it or fight against it – and fighting against change is about as useful as fighting against a hurricane in a rowboat.

At our boutique real estate brokerage, this past year has been full of changes! Instead of polishing up old methods of how to do the real estate business, our group of agents decided to step out of the box to make some very positive changes to the entire organization from the ground floor up.

Selley Group Real Estate, LLC

Office Space? Yes, of course. Our offices are redesigned for you in mind. Better community seating. Flat screen TV’s mounted on office walls to show you the best of high-tech market analyses (easy to read and understand), HD imaging of our marketing, and pure comfort so you can share your story about buying, selling and or investing in Colorado Springs Real Estate.

We didn’t stop there with our upgrade overhaul. We stepped up our branding with use of professional video and photography, built new websites and have incorporated other technological advances to bring you the quality and skills our agents offer at your fingertips. We believe it’s easier to see how to do real estate and to tell a story with video/film, rather than simply trying to translate the language of real estate by outdated methods.

Besides making great changes that benefit you, as well as us, Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, we have taken it another step forward. We have also built small businesses within the community as well as being part of Peak Producers, who intentionally connect with local outreaches to help those less fortunate. More to come about this in future blogs. There is exciting stuff happening here in Colorado Springs!

Finally, this transformational change is all possible thanks to the wonderful clients that have walked through the doors of our office, putting their trust in us to represent them, their homes, and our community in the best way possible, and with all of the changes that we are implementing, we hope to be able to serve each client in new and unexpected ways.

Feel free to contact our Colorado Springs Realtors at Selley Group Real Estate, LLC: 2139 Chuckwagon Rd, Ste 210 – Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919 – 719. 598. 5101.

All agents affiliated with Selley Group Real Estate, LLC are actively licensed in accordance to the laws of Colorado.