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The Path

The Path

There is an unexpected decision to be made along the trail of life. Which way do you go? Two paths appear at the trailhead. There does not seem to be a risk with either decision. Both have dusty footprints from those who have gone before.  Both trails demonstrate the beating down from years of use. Yet, there is only one path that leads to the safety of home. The other way leads to a place of eventual abandonment from all that life holds dear. Wisdom is also there at the edge of the trail; she can be heard slightly over the wind that rustles the pine trees in the distance. She is beckoning for you to ask for advice … appealing to you not to lean on your understanding because you might deceive yourself.

In true human fashion, you want to dismiss the whisper of wisdom because you hear another voice, the loudness of self-sufficiency demanding, “I can do this myself, I’ll figure it out.” A Great Wrestling occurs inside of your soul … a cosmic battle unseen by the passer-by who just blazed ahead of you.  You have entered the moment of Great Decision that must be determined before the sun sets over the mountains. Who wins? Choose at this moment which path you will take, for there will never be a moment like this again. All of heaven is rooting for you in a soft angelic whisper to take the only path that leads home. 

—Cherise Selley

Inspired by Proverbs 8 & Proverbs 14:12


The Shoreline

The Shoreline

There is a sacred place where the infinite horizon of God touches the sandy shores of our humanity. The shoreline is the point where it feels like the kingdom touches the dust of man. Living water baptizes the shoreline over and over again, all the while playing a melodic rhythm that rewires the brain bringing one to a place of ultimate surrender. Looking at the horizon, the water eventually meets the sky … with the kiss of a seagull stealing attention for a moment. Diamonds glisten on display adorning the top of turquoise green waters in what seems to be the riches of a thousand generations. Gazing back at the sand, I come to remember that the Lord loves us more than every grain of sand on this expansive beach. He covers our humanity and washes it over and over again with his loving delight. Sometimes, the waves crash mightily on the shore like a warrior claiming its territory. 

Sometimes, the water settles on the land so gently it is as if a mother is rocking her precious child to sleep. We don’t get to demand the way that the water washes up; we only get to observe it with our eyes and watch the glorious display of nature unfold. We are the finite shoreline next to the infinity of the water. The sandcastles adorning the shoreline last for a short while and then collapse again back to its most simple form, back to a grain of sand that becomes molded again. Nothing will last forever on the beach except for the sand itself … perfected over and over again by the eternal water that purifies it so. 

—Cherise Selley


The Lone Tree

The Lone Tree

There is a particular tree that undoes me every time I see it. For years now, it seems to get my attention every time I drive down the mountain pass. This pine tree grows out of the rocky side of a mountain. In complete isolation from other trees & impossible conditions, it seems to thrive. It stands brave & tall against all the odds and elements. It perseveres under all of our extreme weather conditions. It has had to find a way to burrow into the rocks with its roots to survive. Sadly, it will never get the taste of rich and fertile soil that other trees of its kind must take for granted. Yet, in these conditions, it is fully alive. If this tree were a part of a cluster of pines in the forest, it would go unnoticed. It is the sheer fact that the tree stands alone despite impossible conditions that it is even noticed. Every. Single. Time.  

Are your conditions seemingly impossible, and do you feel isolated, left on the side of a mountainous rocky place? Are you trying to burrow your roots into rocky places that hurt every time there is a bit of growth that occurs in your life? Do you feel exposed to all of the elements? Well, my friend, you are on display for all of God’s glory to be revealed in your present circumstances. You are being showcased in the heavenly places for His handiwork to be revealed in your impossible circumstances.

The amazing thing is this … unlike the tree … you have one holding you up in the rocky places. An invisible hand is the very source of your life in this very hard place. When nobody else is around, and you are fully alone in your pain, know that He is with you. And like the tree, you will stand.  

—Cherise Selley

Coronavirus and the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market

The live stream press regarding the coronavirus is causing us to pause, then to act, then to pause again, then to wonder (and fear) over and over again about one of these perplexing questions, when does social distancing actually start and finish? As of this blog, we should already be on Day #10 of self-containment, yet it seems as if the clock on this process is being rewound over and over again. In effect, we haven’t even started the strict phase of self-quarantine and all of the toilet paper, and paper towels, and meats and vegetables are very difficult to acquire. 

The facts remain. We all have to try to reduce the amount of fear in our lives and take each day at a time. By the time you watch this video, there are probably going to be some unexpected changes with the progress of the coronavirus, and how we’re supposed to respond to its devastating spread on our public health, as well as to our overall economy.

What is still happening is this? I am getting several phone calls and texts from clients about the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market. Questions, such as, what is the market doing? Is this 2008 all over again? Can we expect to spiral downward into a recession? All legitimate questions that are very complex, yet I will try to answer only those questions for which I presently have some professional insight.

Presently, I am seeing both ends of the spectrum when it comes to Colorado Springs Real Estate sales. Shockingly, there still remains a positive trend with sales transactions for those listings that are already listed on the market. And on the other hand, I have clients who are “pumping the brakes” on getting their homes listed during the uncertainty of the coronavirus and our plummeting stock market. Furthermore, my sets of buyers are exercising great caution about trying to currently buy a Colorado Springs Home right at this moment. 

Regarding the condition of the market, this differs greatly from 2008. We do not have faulty mortgage-backed securities, as well as a high inventory of properties that are going into short sale default and/or foreclosure. This Colorado Springs Real Estate market is dealing with the adverse effects of the virus, plus low housing inventory. I venture to say that I do not believe the market is going to nosedive with actual home pricing. This part of the equation will likely remain fairly stable. What I do believe is that there is a constipation in the market that will probably take three to six months to regain economic momentum.

No matter what, Colorado Springs is a hotbed for new industry, and droves of people are continually moving into our area. The future remains bright, in terms of the economic indicators for Colorado Springs.

Of great concern, I highly advise that you do not make any real estate decisions from the position of fear and panic. It is better to make a sound decision from strength and from the advice of a few wise counselors. This crisis should not manipulate you into poor decision-making. Not all of the problems during this course of the virus pandemic can actually be solved right now. Better to wait and to re-evaluate your strategy for real estate, as well as resetting your lifestyle priorities.

Thanks for watching!

It is our desire to keep you informed about what’s happening within the Colorado Springs Real Estate market and its relationship with the coronavirus. The purpose of this video format is to better connect with those who are watching. Also, this allows you to gain more information, as well as to connect more deeply with our top Colorado Springs Realtors of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC.

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Stick with it. Persevere. And let this be a beginning.

Do you remember seeing anything like this – the COVID-19 – ever happening during your lifetime? Perhaps the destruction of the World Trade Centers on 9/11/2001 might compete with the coronavirus in terms of abruptly changing the historical path of America. But this coronavirus pandemic not only adversely affects the United States, but it is literally inflicting heart-pounding fear and destroying nearly all of the economies throughout every country on a global scale.

Needless to say, it was very difficult for Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, to find the right words to express her position about this very unexpected viral invasion into every crevice of our American culture. Please understand that Cherise Selley does not profess to have the medical expertise about infectious diseases nor does she have the highly-acclaimed experience on either macro or microeconomics. Nonetheless, what Cherise Selley does have is skilled leadership, experience with long-term suffering (husband who was a doctor and has lived with chronic neuropathic pain for 26 years), as well as the ability to overcome tremendous adversity.

In this particular series about the coronavirus, there are two videos about the subject matter. During this first video, Cherise Selley openly speaks from the heart regarding some of the emotional aspects about this pandemic. The second video contains real estate-related information about the response of clients within the market dynamics during the containment phase of social-distancing.

Obviously, Cherise Selley expresses her heartfelt pain about the seemingly unmanageable fallout from this horribly-created virus. Until there are effective treatments and vaccines created to quell the effects of physical maladies, many of us are tightly gripped by the impending fear among the nation.

Related specifically to the business of Colorado Springs Real Estate, it is no secret that having healthy connections with other local businesses is part of the success for all parties concerned. And what’s happening now is simply unspeakable. While the quarantine phase is required throughout the construct of social distancing, there are some painful realities to this approach to minimize the damage of COVID-19. Frankly, it involves social distancing, which is a full shut-down of most businesses. Cherise speaks about the empathetic pain that she feels towards business owners, families and friends within the Colorado Springs community who have shared part of our explosive economy.

Right now, Cherise explains, “it feels like the earth has a gigantic band aid on it.” Economic fragility and human vulnerability are amplified, as well as our resources for abundant living (health and finances) are simultaneously compromised. 

When you’re hit unexpectedly from something like the coronavirus pandemic, it is easy to feel completely defeated by emotional and physical pain and the dramatic economic losses that will likely follow. Cherise encouraged everyone to minimize fear, breathe deeply, and to collect your thoughts against the tsunami of uncertainty and chaotic thinking. 

Cherise Selley also intuitively spoke about the reality of owning a home. She stated that this is part of our basic human needs – food, clothing and shelter. With immense gratitude, Cherise states that living in a home is a fundamental need for each one of us. When thinking about our homeless community, Cherise realizes that there is a higher exposure to the virus, as well as trying to deal with the super-sized difficulties of living on the streets. Because she is sensitive to others, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, who are experiencing a bump in the road of life, Cherise encourages these individuals to take the trek of transformation, no matter the size of the steps on this journey.

Back to the topic of living in a home. Although we can’t control everything in the world, Cherise states that we can take authority over our own environment. As she explains, “your home can be a place of solitude and restoration.” Over 23 years as a top Colorado Springs Realtor, Cherise understands what it takes to really know what it means to a build a home. It’s not entirely about floorplans, designs and finances. According to her, you have to understand what it takes to fill the rooms of your home with treasured memories. And as this relates to social distancing and remaining in your home, this is an opportune time to decompress and to embrace your brokenness, regardless of how painful this might be. Eventually, healing will come your way.

Just some poignant thoughts to consider…

It is our desire to keep you informed about what’s happening within the Colorado Springs Real Estate market and its relationship with our societal dynamics. The purpose of this video format is to better connect with those who are watching. Also, this allows you to gain more information, as well as to connect more deeply with our top Colorado Springs Realtors, such as Shawna Uehling, Judy Steenland and Cherise Selley, of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC.

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3 Beds, 3 Baths

2,516 Sq Ft

3,336 Sq Ft Lot

11483 Rill Point — Yes, you can have it all here!

This paired patio home in the Reserve at Northgate, located at 11483 Rill Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 provides ease of maintenance-free living while having an open, ranch style floorplan w/ a finished basement ~ it’s adorned w/ numerous upgrades & Pikes Peak views from the front office. Step inside and the engineered wood floors extend throughout the main living areas. The open living room has a vaulted ceiling, a stone-accented surround at the gas fireplace, plus walkout access to a private, fenced patio & yard. The eat-in kitchen features granite countertops, stainless appliances, upgraded cabinets, eat-in space at the counter, & it opens to the dining area & living space. Around the corner, the master bedroom is privately tucked at the back of the home & features a 5-piece bathroom w/ tile flooring, granite countertops, & a walk-in closet. Down the hallway, you’ll discover a front office w/ mountain views, a 1/2 bath, & laundry space. The staircase is accented with iron spindles and leads into a finished basement w/ a large family room, a spacious bedroom, full bathroom w/ granite countertops, and a 3rd bedroom adjacent to the bathroom. There is also a large storage room that could double as a great space for exercise equipment. Enjoy having someone else shovel the driveway and mow the front lawn. The two car garage features a convenient water spigot and it is drywalled. There is also A/C for those hot summer days. You can concentrate on the freedom of this type of lifestyle while enjoying a highly desirable & upgraded floorplan in a location that is easy access to the new shopping, movies, & other amenities at Interquest. Also, there is ease of access to 1-25, and you are close to the USAFA. Yes, you can have it all here!

Don’t hesitate to contact me, Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC for more information about 11483 Rill Point or to schedule your private showing!


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Hint: 7 + 5 = 12


4 Beds, 3 Baths

4,175 Sq Ft

8,538 Sq Ft Lot

6604 La Plata Peak Dr — you’ll love calling this one home!

This beautiful, dynamic 2-story floorplan w/ 3-car garage in Ridgeview at Stetson Hills is something awesome! The one-of-a-kind custom built covered deck w/ tongue & groove ceiling & TV provides amazing outdoor living. A cozy front porch draws you inside to a light-filled soaring ceiling in the front great room. The modernized interior includes hickory hardwood floors, new paint & carpet. Enjoy formal dining & a spacious eat-in kitchen complete with gas range, double oven, island, walk-in pantry & large breakfast nook that will accommodate a farmhouse style table. Walk out to the gorgeous outdoor deck, where you can enjoy year-round living from the covered deck w/ pull down shades for privacy, plus there’s an uncovered portion of the deck allowing for full sunshine cookouts. Back inside, the family room opens to the eat-in kitchen & showcases a gas fireplace, built-in shelving, in-wall speakers, & the 2-story ceiling makes the space open & airy. There is a main level office w/ glass French Doors & a closet, 1/2 bath, & separate laundry room w/ a sink that complete this part of the home. A gorgeous multi-tiered staircase leads to the upper landing featuring built-in cabinets for extra storage. The spacious master welcomes you with French Doors, vaulted ceiling, & extra space for your private sitting area. The adjoining master 5-piece bathroom features a double vanity sink, soaking tub, separate shower, & walk-in closet. A Jack & Jill bathroom is discovered between two the upper bedrooms (one featuring a walk-in closest), and there is a 4th upper bedroom to complete the space. Enjoy ample storage and expansion potential in the unfinished full basement. Down the road from the park, close to schools, prime shopping & dining. 6604 La Plata Peak Dr ~ you’ll love calling this one home!

Don’t hesitate to contact me, Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC for more information about 6604 La Plata Dr or to schedule your private showing!


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Hint: 7 + 5 = 12

The sparks fly off this video between Cherise Selley and Marina Herrera of Smith’s Carpet Connection during their interview on Selley TV talking about interior design trends. It’s no surprise to see the enthusiast energy between these two people, as both are highly passionate about interior design and have worked together for several years. 

Carpet Connection is a wholesale, members-only (builders, contractors, designers and Realtors) company that has been in business for approximately 20 years in Colorado Springs and offers a myriad of design choices and services. Last year, Carpet Connection moved to their new facility, which is located at 4250 Buckingham Drive. Cherise aptly describes their new place as a wonderland that is like “eye candy” for those who want to either prep their existing home to list on the Colorado Springs Real Estate market, or to pick out design choices for the purchase of a new, Colorado Springs home.

Carpet Connection offers a wide range of choices when it comes to everything that you might want to put on the floors or the walls, such as tile, countertops, carpet and flooring. Traditionally, this is the time of year when Cherise’s real estate clients are motivated to stage their homes to put on the market for sale.

As a result, part of the distinct advantage to list your home with Cherise Selley is based upon her long-term relationship with Carpet Connection as a member. She receives about 50% off retail pricing, and Cherise literally passes this entire savings (50%) back to her clients. And because Cherise has worked with Marina for many years, the clients are given the highest level of service to help refurbish their homes.

As you watch the film, it is interesting to see one of the hottest items that is being sold daily from the Carpet Connection warehouse. Specifically, this is LVP flooring, which is the Luxury Vinyl Planking that is scratch resistant and waterproof. This particular product is found in all types of homes, including the upper end ($1,000,000 +) price ranges. It is a wonderful alternative to traditional wood or other suggestive carpet options. It’s one of the top interior design trends for 2020.

When designing or upgrading your home, it is often difficult to make the best choices when given so many options from which to choose. Don’t let the eye candy intimidate your design choices. Feel free to ask Cherise Selley, 719-337-9779, or Marina Herrera for their assistance as you sojourn through the remodeling or design process. Cherise is there for you to simply enjoy the process even more and to gain the most profit from remodeling your home!


3 Beds, 2 Baths

1,295 Sq Ft

4,438 Sq Ft Lot

421 N Spruce St Colorado Springs CO 80905—1899 Victorian Home in Downtown Colorado Springs West Side

This beautiful 1899 Victorian Home is in a prime Downtown Colorado Springs West Side location & is lovingly updated while keeping its immense turn-of-the-century charm! Inside, pine floors adorn the main level and also the upstairs space. Tall ceilings and oversized baseboards enhance the feeling of space. The front room is a perfect living and dining space. Remodeled kitchen includes soapstone countertops, white cabinets, custom backsplash, updated appliances, & walk-in pantry area ~ it is a must-have kitchen!!! There are two bedrooms on the main level with walk-in closets and a full bathroom. New carpet adorns the stairs and leads to the upper space where you will find a large master bedroom w/ a sitting area.

There is a full bathroom, laundry room, and extra storage room that completes the upper space. Outside, the updated composite deck leads to an oversized stamped concrete patio. it is the perfect place for barbecues and entertaining! You’ll also discover a private, fenced yard, 1-car detached garage, and enjoy alley access behind. Updates include: New Roof 2014, Vinyl Windows 2014, New Sewer Line 2015, Stamped Concrete Patio 2015, New Exterior Paint, New Interior Paint, Remodeled Kitchen 2018. There is an additional (not reported in the sq. footage for the livable area) 168 foot basement with separate access to the mechanicals and allows for some extra storage. You will love this location, close to local coffee shops and breweries, downtown restaurants and shopping, the new Olympic Museum, and nearby access to hiking & biking trails.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC for more information about 421 N Spruce St or to schedule your private showing!


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Hint: 7 + 5 = 12

Due to the competitiveness of pricing and to the shortage of listing inventory regarding the Colorado Springs Real Estate market, it almost goes without saying that it is very important to stage your home if you’re wanting to sell your residential property quickly and for the most money possible. Elizabeth Anderson of Front Range Home Stage, LLC, who works with Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner on her listings, sits down to explain some of the benefits of home staging against the backdrop of the marketing efforts by local Colorado Springs Realtors.

Right off the bat, home staging gives the Seller a distinct advantage against the competition, as potential buyers are drawn to homes that have had professional staging. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, “approximately 46% of prospective buyers are more willing to take the next step to visiting the physical location … which improves the chances of the buyer placing an offer on the Seller’s home.” In other words, “home staging catches the eye and brings people closer to placing an offer on your home.” This is the importance of staging a home.

Elizabeth Anderson explains that only 10% of the public can actually envision how their futures might look about putting their own furniture into the spaces of a home on the market. This is one of the problems that home staging can solve. This artful construct helps others to imagine how to maximize the use of the spaces within the home, as well as to develop an emotional connection to the property. As a result, this overall connection helps to provide additional value to the home being sold.

According to Elizabeth Anderson, she has seen anywhere between 5-10% higher value to Colorado Springs homes sold, in which she has staged. It’s not that home staging changes foundation pieces of the home or automatically creates higher equity gain, but rather, staging your home does increase the perceived value of the property. This reality of seeing staged homes sold at higher values, even above asking price, has been well-documented throughout other real estate markets in the United States as well.

Regarding the marketing aspect of home staging, there is definitely a benefit to attract more people to your home on the internet and through digital marketing. Basically, home staging helps to create beautiful spaces that translates into beautiful online images and videography. All of these marketing positives feed into selling your home more quickly and for a higher profit.

Thank you for watching Selley TV. It is our intention to provide helpful information to you so that you can make prudent decisions for yourself regarding various buying, selling and/or investing aspects about being part of the Colorado Springs Real Estate market.

Please tune in once per week throughout 2020 to gain more clarity about our local market and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.