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Personal Insights: Remodel or Buy Another Home?

My husband and I have recently finished a mammoth 2-year remodel project on our home and when asked, “Was it worth it?”  Well…

The journey had presented many interesting challenges that required an extraordinary amount of patience.

First, we were confronted about whether we should sell our existing home or should we simply move into another home in a higher price range. We had zero interest with making a lateral move. We chose the remodel route. Not because we thought the process was easier than simply selling and moving into a brand new home, but rather, we are part of the real estate business and have quite a few connections in the subcontractor industry who could help make our design choices come in to fruition.

Like many who are faced with similar questions about remodeling or buying another home, concerns about financial profitability were forefront on our minds. My husband went overboard with excel spreadsheets, outlining many scenarios about profitability. No matter the direction, we empirically knew the calculated costs were going to stretch our budgets.

Nonetheless, our story transcended the spreadsheet numbers. Our story was about making change — the kind of change that brings life — the kind of change that breaks the monotonous chains of stagnancy — the kind of change that brings color to the black and white realities of living. Frankly, we were ready for change.

Profoundly speaking, we found ourselves in the very same place that we’ve seen many of our other clients have experienced who are navigating through different seasons of life. While we were juggling the numbers to justify the remodeling expense, we also wrestled between adding value to our home versus adding perceived value to our life.

For us, we wanted to accomplish both objectives. Being part of the real estate industry, we are well aware of the importance of making upgrades to our home. In the long run, this process usually brings increased value to the home. And secondly, we wanted to bring value to our life through having the home remodeled. We desired simplification, organization, and bringing peace from the past years of moving a million miles an hour through leadership, work and raising our family.

The remodeling process itself did not bring life into our lives in a warm and fuzzy way. Rather, it challenged parts of our marriage like a blowtorch refining silver. It certainly would’ve been much easier to buy another place and move into a turnkey home without the hassles of remodeling. Yet for us, looking back at the process through the lens of hindsight, our perseverance through the remodeling process improved aspects of our marriage and our home.

It helped to give us long-term vision and objectives during our season of transition. Long-term wise, we know holding onto our home for three years or more will likely provide a higher selling value. But most importantly for us, we appreciate the love we put into the home. It’s as though our efforts to make our home environment better helped in some measure to deal with some inner issues within our own lives. In a way, I would describe parts of the remodeling process as healing.

So, do I recommend that you remodel your own home instead of buying another home? Simply, it is a personal decision for you and how you feel called to live out your life story. Because of our experiences, I’d be more than happy to sit down with you to discuss the best direction that you’d like to take — remodel or to buy another home?

By: Cherise Selley

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Kings Deer is one of Monument’s most northern communities — a relaxed atmosphere with homesites residing on an average of 2.5 acres, rolling topography, and a scattering of trees among the backdrop of majestic mountain views along the entire Front Range. We have worked with many “cross-commuters” who travel to both Denver and Colorado Springs, and Kings Deer offers a viable solution.

Woven throughout the community, the golf course at Kings Deer will captivate you with gorgeous fairways that are designed in the style of a links course. Also, a D-38 elementary school, Prairie Winds, is right in the neighborhood.

First established in the mid 90’s with new construction occurring even now, there are many custom homes of all sizes and floor-plans. Over the last year, the average home sales price is $659,405 with the highest recorded MLS sale at $955,000. Inventory is moving in Kings Deer, and we would like to help you if you are selling or buying a home in this community.

By: Cherise Selley

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Located 20 minutes north of Colorado Springs.

The beautiful town of Monument, Colorado is where the easy proximity to Denver and Colorado Springs perfectly blend together in a small town full of modern convenience. Monument resides at nearly 7,000 feet in elevation, with Pike National Forest bordering the western edge of the town. There is a variety of things to do nearby, from hiking in the forest to enjoying a day of fishing at Monument Lake, or take in boutique shops and local restaurants in the downtown square.

There is a wave of growth between Baptist Rd and Hwy 105 where you will find prime shopping, restaurants, and business. The Tri-Lakes YMCA is a popular hangout for adults and kids alike. Also, Monument is served by acclaimed Lewis Palmer school district 38. Tri-Lakes is another name for the Monument area due to the three main bodies of water called Monument Lake, Palmer Lake, and Lake Woodmoor.

Monument real estate is booming, with 313 single family listings sold on the MLS within the last six months. The average sales price at the moment is $474,673 with the highest recorded MLS price being $1,050,000. You will find a mixture of older homes, even cabins in Palmer Lake, to beautiful custom homes that are established in Woodmoor. There is also new construction booming in several areas. We can help you strategize about selling your home to get the best value, or if you are looking for real estate in Monument we are here to serve you. Monument is another slice of Colorado paradise!

By: Cherise Selley

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Getting the Most Value when Selling Your Home

$400,000 and under portion of the Colorado Springs Real Estate market:

One frequently asked question posed to our group of Colorado Springs Realtors from our sellers is… Will my house sell if we list it at whatever we want, since we thought the market was the strongest it has ever been?

Like any good question, especially one that is focused on gleaning the most value from a potential home sale, there are several variables to consider.  Yet, I want to focus on what’s really important to get the most value out of your home when selling it.

First of all, what is the nature of the Colorado Springs Real Estate market in the price range under $400,000?  Quite frankly, the narrative is oftentimes sizzling with multiple offers that are over asking price and are coupled with quick sales.  The price range of this market comprises about 4/5’s of our market and now has pinned up demand due to its historically low inventory of homes.

When buyer demand increases with lack of inventory, then the perfect storm occurs to drive home values upward.  In fact, during February this year, the actual sales price eclipsed $301,000, which is the highest value placed on residential properties that I have witnessed over my 20-year real estate career.

With the frenzy of higher prices happening within this segment of the market, many sellers believe that their homes are worth much more than they ever imagined.  And why not, especially when there is misinformation found on various home estimate programs or when gathering speculative real estate data from national experts?  And as a result, many sellers do not want to either stage their home or add any remodel upgrades to their home before selling it.  Also, sellers may think that they do not need to do repairs to their home prior to listing.  The general attitude is that the market will drive the most value for the home sale.

Nonetheless, overpriced listings do not follow the course of the market frenzy; most of them will remain stagnant in a marketplace full of motion.

The reality about the real estate market is that it doesn’t function on pure subjectivity, nor is it fully governed by fear due to low inventory.  Another factor to consider about home values is the appraised value.  Because in reality, most homebuyers require a mortgage to purchase their home and an appraised value oftentimes becomes the final figure within the actual sales price.  This is also where repairs come into play.  Safety and security items left undone in a home most likely will not pass a VA or FHA appraisal.

In my opinion, a thorough strategy needs to be prepared before you sell your home. That is what we are here to do for you. Through this process, we not only consider the items to repair, upgrades to get you the best price, comparative market values, and personal economic strategies, just to mention a few things.

As a general rule, the better your home is well taken care of, and the more improved your upgrades are in your home, typically, this type of residential property will be compared more favorably among your housing competition and the more likely, the appraiser will be able to assess a higher value on the square footage of your home.  Subsequently, the higher the value of the square footage equates to a higher value on your home.

Even within the craziness of having low inventory, I believe it’s best to either stage your home or to make the proper remodel considerations that will help to boost the greatest value on your home when selling it.  Let us help you decide what is right for your unique listing experience.

By: Cherise Selley

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Northwest Colorado Springs is a paradise for nature lovers.

The rolling topography is surrounded by ponderosa pines and rock outcroppings. Discover beautiful hiking & biking trails such as my personal favorite across from our office at Ute Valley Park. Experience being a world away from stress, yet close to everything … yes, Trader Joes is just a few minutes down the road as well as a favorite local Thai Restaurant called Nai Rai that rivals the best Thai food I have had anywhere. Its neighbor Salsa Bravo is a locally owned Fresh Mexican Grill, fresh and tasty and a favorite of the locals.

Colorado Springs Real Estate in the Northwest has a mixture of established neighborhoods with homes built from the 1970’s to estate properties with land that are in the million dollar range. During the last 365 days, over 361 properties have sold in this part of town, and today there are 42 active listings. The average sold price is $328,657 and average list price to sales price is 99.09% meaning … homes in that price point are going for the asking price generally.

The Northwest is neighbor to Pike National Forest and the Air Force Academy. Not bad company to have surrounding this slice of Colorado Springs paradise!  Listing and Selling homes over the last 20 years in the Northwest part of town, I am always energized by the combination of nature and wildlife. Let us know if we can help you either buy or sell a home in Northwest Colorado Springs. We need more listings in this beautiful area to keep up with the demand in our marketplace!

By: Cherise Selley

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Cherise Selley Realtor Colorado Springs Award


Cherise Selley believes that service goes far beyond lip service or advertising a lofty brand within the real estate profession. Therefore, she has put the rubber to the road in terms of offering outstanding service and then being evaluated for her services rendered by an independent third party.

From 2011 to 2017, Cherise Selley has been part of the Quality Service Certification (QSC) program, which is the real estate industry’s leading provider of independently administered customer surveys. In fact, over a nearly 20-year period, QSC has administered over 1,000,000 post-closing surveys to accurately access legitimate reviews from actual home sellers and buyers as to their past customer feedback findings. QSC is the only source for objective agent ratings designed to help real estate consumers make informed choices in selecting their real estate professionals.

For the past 6 consecutive years, Cherise Selley of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, has received the QSC Platinum Service Recognition. This award represents the highest level of service achievement in the real estate industry.

When interviewing Cherise, she was asked, “What does it take to offer platinum service to your real estate clientele?” Her secret, which isn’t really a secret, “Simply, I continue to develop my listening skills. I do not try to figure out what’s best for my clients until I really hear what they fully have to say. Their opinions and perspectives are very important in strategizing a plan and discerning the right path for them to take as they buy, or invest, or sell residential property.”

By: Gordon Selley

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Once a sleepy community.

Welcome to a neighborhood of possibilities found in the Cragmor area of Colorado Springs. Once a sleepy community of 1950’s style homes, it is now an area of high demand fueled by the extreme growth of its neighbor, the University of Colorado. Buyers may range from established homeowners to fix and flippers, first time home buyers, and student rentals or long term housing for the facility and professors who work at the University. Cragmor is also next to the coveted private school Colorado Springs Christian Schools.

Cragmor is also nearby the popular University Village which allows for some amazing restaurant options such as Bonefish Grill and Cowboy Star, as well as shopping at Costco, Trader Joes. Or enjoy a community of runners at the Christy Sports Running Club.

If you are a Seller considering selling your home in the Cragmor community, please let us know! We have clients who are looking for this area on a regular basis. Buyers, it will take time to find a property as there is a true shortage of homes available right now, but please be patient and contact us if you are serious about keeping tabs on listings in the area.

By: Cherise Selley

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Millennial Buyers are Integral to the Real Estate Market

What do we really know about the emerging millennial generation? A lot, but really not much at the same time, especially if we are not born between the early 1980’s and ending in the early 2000’s. And instead of creating a long and boring blog that tries to figure out the complex layers regarding the millennial generation, I just want to say, “I love working with you!”

I have two sons (one natural and the other is my stepson), ages 25 and 28. And I am a grandmother to boot. It’s no secret that you’re smart as heck with all the statistical information at your fingertips. And your multi-tasking abilities far exceed the neurological wiring in my brain. For instance, I can’t chew gum and play video games and text and post on Instagram and drink Starbucks at the same. But still…

The amount of information that you’ve gathered and your innovative thoughts about making investments and your willingness to purchase your first, or perhaps, your second home, also requires teamwork and savvy discernment. And I understand this. And I know that you don’t trust just anyone. Can’t blame you.

But what I have observed is that you have great ideas and when you believe in your own vision, then you’re usually unstoppable with getting what you believe. WOW! This is why I love to work with millennial buyers!

So how are you integral to the real estate market? You’re killing it in the real estate market! Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the National Association of REALTORS® states, “For the third straight year, millennial homebuyers made up the largest chunk of homebuyers – 35 percent, edging out Gen X (26 percent), boomers (31 percent) and the silent generation (just 9 percent)…and 87 percent of millennial buyers will end up using a real estate professional…”

I’m not going to close with my long list of credentials of doing real estate for 20 years. Simply look up my group (Cherise Selley) on my website, or shoot me a text, 719-337-9779…

By: Cherise Selley

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Historic Broadmoor is one of the most exquisite areas in Colorado Springs, where neighborhoods are nestled within close proximity of the 5-star acclaimed Broadmoor Hotel. The hotel is the most fabulous resort in our community — visited by Presidents, movie stars, golf pros, and Realtors like myself who would love a weekend getaway without having to drive away from town.

Housing varies around the Broadmoor area from multi-million dollar estate homes to homes under the million dollar range ascending up Cheyenne Mountain Rd. Located close to the Zoo, Seven Falls, Cheyenne Canyon for hiking, Bear Creek Dog Park, and access up Gold Camp Road, there are things to do for nature lovers and sport enthusiasts alike.

The acclaimed Cheyenne Mountain School District offers a variety of academic, sports, music, and art programs. Cheyenne Mountain High School has recently undergone expansion to their academic and athletic facilities.

Experience this beautiful pocket of Southwest Colorado Springs and allow us to help you find the perfect home in the Broadmoor community.

By: Cherise Selley

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Residing about 11 miles east of Colorado Springs, you will find life is a little more spread out … giving you a since of being outside of the hustle and bustle of town, yet having all the neighborhood amenities that you could want in the neighboring communities of Meridian Ranch and Woodmen Hills.

Both communities share the beautiful Rick Phelp’s designed Antler Creek Golf Course, walking trails, community recreation centers, pools and workout facilities. There is something exciting for every family member and guest to do without having to leave the community.

Woodmen Hills has resale home sites that are up to 1/2 an acre in lot size. Meridian Ranch has many estate type homes and custom lots with plenty of new construction on the horizon. Homes in these areas range from the high $100,000 range to over $600,000. These neighborhoods have more competitive pricing on homes than some areas of town, and you will also enjoy having local restaurants, shopping, and D-49 schools nearby.

There is commutable access to Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base,  Penrose Hospital and ample shopping options in the Falcon shopping center as well as the Powers Corridor of Colorado Springs. This last year, we have even had Denver commuters purchase in Meridian Ranch to find affordable new housing options.

By: Cherise Selley

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