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When trying to find the right words to the describe the video preview of the Briargate area in Colorado Springs, two words jump from the pages of my thoughts – suburban living.

Over two decades ago, 9,600 acres of open land laid bare for the right developers to come in and plant their vision.  And plant they did.  Those barren parcels of land turned into a master-planned community, which today remains a very popular residential hotspot within Colorado Springs.

In fact, the Briargate area is ranked #4 regarding livability within Colorado Springs, when taking four variables into consideration – lots of local amenities, sunny weather, high income per capita and a stable housing market.

Briargate certainly promotes the epitome of suburban living with plenty of outdoor areas for recreation, walking trails, neighborhood parks and such.  There is also plenty of shopping, for example, at The Promenade Shops at Briargate, and the area shows many people are working out their minds and bodies at the Briargate YMCA and LifeTime Fitness, as well as playing golf at the Pine Creek Golf Course.  If you desire to select your place of worship, there are plenty of churches nearby in which to choose, not to mention visiting the nonprofit, Focus on the Family.  Last but not least, Briargate boasts some wonderful educational opportunities within District 20 schools.  The list is long regarding the continued growth of hospitals, small businesses, etc. from this wonderful master-planned community.

Simply…Enjoy the drone of the area!  If you desire to contact me, then please do not hesitate to call!  Cherise 719-337-9779.

By: Cherise Selley

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Transforming Lives.

Cherise Selley of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, as well as 2017 President of Peak Producers, and Stu Davis of the Springs Rescue Mission sit down for a short interview to talk about their corporate relationship, as it relates to the process of transforming lives for those who have faced some very difficult challenges in life, such as homelessness, drug addiction and brokenness.

Cherise elaborates regarding her deeper perspectives about trying to understand those who feel forgotten and how to connect more effectively with the Springs Rescue Mission.  Which by the way, the Springs Rescue Mission is a wonderful organization that lends a hand-up for those who want to change their lives for the better.

Both Cherise and Stu fully recognize how their perspective organizations have effectively partnered to help re-write some the hopeless stories of the downtrodden into jaw-dropping success narratives.

For example, last year (2017), Peak Producers helped financially and through relational participation with the Springs Rescue Mission to launch 15 men from homelessness to becoming fully certified in their work training program.  In other words, 15 lives received hope in the midst of darkness.  These individuals were fully trained in a vocation as well as given pastoral care and are independent from the streets for which they once lived.

Transforming lives and having community participation to make Colorado Springs an even better and more progressive city is simply part of the vision for 2018 for the Springs Rescue Mission as communicated by Stu Davis.

Don’t just read the words in this brief description about the efforts of the Springs Rescue Mission, but listen to the testimony of Steven Webb in this video to capture the essence of what’s happening to help others move onward and upward…

selley group real estate real producers

Brokenness. Unmet expectations. Drowning health. Never-ending Pain. How is this a recipe for success for a top selling real estate broker? Six months into our marriage, my husband (Gordon), who had once been a top Chiropractic Doctor, was now in the hospital with his nervous system shut down from nerve pain that continuously burned like fire. The condition is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, otherwise known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), which was the result of traumatic accidents that led to him having multiple (4) neck surgeries. Two beautiful boys were staring at us, Jacob (stepson and age 7) and Kristofer (my son and age 4). As my husband was crying in pain, he looked up to me and said, “We still have to praise God.” I couldn’t believe his determination through the fire of pain. I didn’t have any praise inside of me. Yet, his persevering attitude gave me strength that I didn’t realize that I had down deep within me. He told me that I needed to have a career in case something dire was going to happen to him. What kind of deal is this? – I thought. A new bride with a new family and everything that was hoped for was briskly taken away. Yet through it all, I had to make an immediate choice… to either run or to face the monster of pain. We faced it as a family, all of us, together.

My first year of real estate began at home, about 10 feet away from my husband who was in bed down the hallway. Our kids were active, and Gordon did his best to show them joy in the midst of all the hardships. Giving ideas for the efficacy of business and leadership, Gordon was my greatest advocate. I felt like the least of these, not qualified to provide for the family or for that matter, to effectively run a small business. I had all the drive inside of me without direction until my Gordon helped me to focus… and pain has a way of making the nonessential things of life to briskly disappear. I quickly learned that hard work and perseverance always pays off.

By year two, I had my first assistant who helped to ground me and she set some great systems into place that are still somewhat utilized today through the Top Producer program. Flash forward to year 20 of my real estate practice – 265-plus million of personal sales and over 275-plus million of real estate brokerage sales since 2009.

Gordon has, against all odds from several of his medical providers, endured and overcome much adversity, though he still secretly fights with varying degrees of daily pain. He has been part of the backbone of the real estate practice as COO, and I have been the one who has operated the brokerage at the licensed, Managing Broker level. Through the years we have built a classy, boutique brokerage shared with high quality agents, and our business is built on long-term referrals.

Our theme is based on “Health and Home,” as we have incorporated a lifestyle (philosophy) of healthy living, such as diet, faith and exercise (particularly Pilates), as a complement to our high-level, innovative brokerage concepts at Selley Group Real Estate, LLC.

Pilates has been one miracle that has helped my husband and me to gain better health and more strength so that we can endure throughout a blistering market. Our tightly knit real estate group operates more like a physician’s practice, where we cover for each other, share innovative ideas and strategies, and also to keep our lives accountable toward the philosophy to live each day as the best we can. (And yes, oftentimes it takes another to remind us that there is life beyond the boundaries of business). Simply, we empower our clients to make the best real estate decisions possible with our expert and varying market insights. We put client service above the deal and we do not stuff our clients into boxes for the purpose of a sale. Essentially, Selley Group Real Estate, LLC is a safe harbor for clients and agents alike – to connect and to thrive in our fast-changing real estate market.

Our once a time ago 7-year old Jacob is now 29 years old. He now resides in Sydney, Australia with his beautiful wife, Rebecca, who is a Broadway singer and is currently performing in the Broadway show, named Beautiful. Jake is thriving in his career at Oath in digital platform marketing. And from their family, we are proud grandparents to a gorgeous 16-month old grand baby named JJ, who brings us regular FaceTime chats, big smiles, childlike curiosity and indescribable joy.

Regarding our once 4-year old Kristofer, he is now 26 years of age and has his undergraduate degree in Film. A visionary in art, Kristofer is the head of our media, creating amazing videography and photography of our listings as well as our city. Also, he is matriculating at UCCS in pursuit of his Master’s Degree. My mom, Bettye, also is an important part of our daily lives, and it’s a joy to share in her golden season of this journey.

Besides taking walks along the mountain trails, my heart gets reset at the water.  This is why we own a second home in Destin, FL, where we also participate in the vacation rental market. This investment strategy is a wonderful complement to our real estate business in Colorado Springs and connects two beautiful places together for our family and friends.

For me, the art of the business is my love. And I, as well as our group, firmly believe in promoting the lifestyle of Colorado Springs. For example, besides my duties as a Managing Broker, I have the honor to serve as the 2017 Peak Producers President. This organization has promulgated the connection between top-selling agents and community to intersect at a deeper, heartfelt level. Regarding our fundraising campaign, we are almost ready to meet our largest goal to date as an organization, raising $50,000 for a work readiness program at the Springs Rescue Mission. Nothing gives me more life in real estate than to realize that it creates an opportunity to be a steward for the community of Colorado Springs.

Fueled by gluten free goodies, daily workouts, and the encouragement and support of those in this community, I’m living proof that if you wait long enough, there is hope against all hope. And now – there’s a calling for me to share that hope with clients and peers alike. Prayer is never for profit. Sometimes it’s the art of the “Un-sell” that best flexes its real estate muscle. I’m still learning to embrace my own story, the beautiful and ugly parts, so that I have the strength to authentically engage with others and to serve them with compassion.

I’m so grateful to have been able to see the fruit of holding on against all hope to see life spring forth in my family as well as this terrific city! The ability to endure has been a God-given grace. My thoughts about the future… I am thankful to live in curiosity and to serve families into their next generation of home selling and buying!

The month of June has simply flown by this year. Nonetheless, I wanted to write a short blog about the Manitou Wine Festival that occurred on June 3rd. What a great time and a testament to the growing diversity of culture among our community!

Each year, 30 or so Colorado wineries open their signature bottles of wine to our community for some wonderful wine tasting. And of course, the legal age to try these unique wines is 21 years. Even though this event was about wine tasting and marketing specific products, my expectations about the festival were overly exceeded by the excitement in the air.

Other than wine tasting, there are plenty of other things to do as you let your hair down from the stresses of life, such as listening to live music, walking around and looking at all the other gift and food vendors, grabbing a bite to eat for yourself or simply soaking in the culture around you.  I found myself spending a few extra dollars on plenty of spices and cooking oils.

I do not have enough positive superlatives to attach to my wine tasting experience, except to say that I would recommend that you follow the Colorado Springs Event Calendar and keep your eyes open for next year’s Manitou Wine Festival.  See you there in the early part of June.

By: Cherise Selley

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Selley Group Real Estate Colorado Springs Blog Drone

Devising a specific marketing plan for Colorado Springs Listings goes far beyond taking quick iPhone photographs, inputting the listing on the local PPMLS, and placing a sign in the front yard. Oh yes…it takes much more innovative thought to properly offer for sale a real estate listing even if the temperature of the market is boiling hot.

This is one reason we offer video previews of our upcoming listings.  Innovation.  And the thought of innovation is not primarily driven to out perform our real estate competitors as much as there is an emphasis of truly connecting our properties with the right buyers.

To thoroughly market a Colorado Springs Real Estate listing, it is important to understand “buzz” marketing.  In other words, it is paramount to connect the right clients to the actual value in what they’re purchasing.  And “buzz” succinctly accomplishes this objective.  The video preview is an introduction that stimulates the curiosity of our potential clients to venture deeper in their real estate journey.

We believe that the deeper connection from our marketing helps our real estate clients to combine the intellect with the emotional component of their decision-making.  And of course, we want sound decision-making for all parties concerned about our real estate sales.

Look through our eyes (video previews) to see the beauty and value of our listings, as well as the breath-taking landscapes of the Colorado Springs market.

Stay tuned for future video previews!

By: Cherise Selley

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Basically, the real estate closing is a time where there is a settlement reached between the buyer and seller of a specific real estate property. Not only is the real estate closing sometimes fraught with anxiety, but the experience also provides great joy for the parties involved with the sale of a property. In other words, there is cost involved to either purchase or sell of a property, but with this sacrifice and due diligence to perform the real estate transaction, there also usually comes a great reward.

At Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, we like to think of the real estate closing as a time of celebration, and we desire to see a “win-win” scenario for all parties involved, if this is at all possible. Regarding Colorado Springs Real Estate, an unusual phenomenon happens at the closing in the state of Colorado. On many occasions, the buyer and seller are both present at the closing table at a title company, such as Empire Title of Colorado Springs, to sign the appropriate documents, distribute all funds, and to have the deed of ownership transferred from seller to buyer. Once the buyer becomes the new homeowner, then the seller will hand over the keys of the new house to the buyer. The closing process involves many signatures on documents like loan docs, legal disclosures, tax records and more.  But the assistance from the title companies helps to make the process run very smoothly in Colorado.

Got to have this! Shawna Uehling gives an example in which the home inspection provided the type of information about the condition of the property in question to the buyer. Regarding this particular scenario, the home did not pass inspection, and the buyer decided to terminate the contract process based upon the inspection report. In a nutshell, our group of Colorado Springs Realtors highly recommends that the buyer obtain a home inspection on any properties for which he or she is under contract.

In Colorado Springs, the home inspection process usually takes between 2-3 hours to perform, and the costs of the inspection range depending upon the type of inspection being rendered. A home inspection is usually performed by a professional who inspects all the aspects of the home in question, such as the exterior, structure, walls, windows, doors, roof, garage, grounds, interior walls, ceilings, floors, stairways, closets, electrical, plumbing, heating and A/C, attic, basement/crawlspace, just to mention a few of the home items.

Simply, why take the risk of buying a home and not having it properly inspected?

By: Cherise Selley

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Although Cherise Selley, Owner/Broker of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, has had many closings over the past 20 years, it’s never tiresome for Cherise to finish out inspecting the fine details of a home before it’s closing. Normally, real estate walk-throughs are times to celebrate those moments for buyers who are excited about moving into their next home. However, it’s also very important at the walk-through to make sure that all items on the inspection resolution have been properly attended and that the home has remained in the same type of condition as when it was contracted on by the buyer. In most cases, the walk-through process is one of reflection and anticipation for buyers as they enter into a new season of their life as they move into their new home.

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Realistically, I could write several blogs about the low inventory (about 30% less active listings from this time last year) within the Colorado Springs Real Estate market and how its bottle-necked effect is influencing the pricing for both buyers and sellers. And as a result, many characteristics stemming from this type of market reveal that lots of decisions for either buyers or sellers are based upon reactions rather than occurring from sound, strategic approaches.

That’s why I wanted to scratch out this blog…

With all the craziness happening within the real estate market, I want you to stop for a second if you’re trying to wade through the deep waters of encumbrances.

Take a deep breath, get mentally focused on the core of your beliefs and then confidently move onward, step-by-step, through the real estate process.

These three principles (breath, mind and movement) are also integral to the highly efficacious methods of Pilates.

My husband and I firmly believe that the health of the body (physical, mental and spiritual) is one of the important holistic factors that are central to better living. We not only subscribe to better living through exercise, but we have taken it one step further by actually owning our own Pilates studio, named SELLEY PILATES.

In a nutshell, healthier choices are not made from a chaotic mindset, especially when putting significant real estate deals together. And for most people, purchasing a home is their largest financial transaction of their life.

And the same goes for the health of the body. Healthy living does not happen when the body’s systems are functioning out of disorder.

So…without trying to seem overly philosophical, I want to encourage you to take a step back for a moment when the real estate process becomes overwhelming, and…

Take a deep breath, get mentally focused on the core of your beliefs about healthy living and then deliberately proceed forward, step-by-step, through the real estate process.

In most cases, the rewards for persevering to the end are really transformative!

By: Cherise Selley

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Selley Group Real Estate Blog Real Estate On Fire

My phone is ringing off the hook.

… no matter the hour. If someone is selling their home, then they want to get their home listed as quickly as possible, and of course, at the highest price possible, or more descriptively accurate, at the highest price ever dreamed of…

And if someone is buying their next home, then they are typically shell-shocked, not realizing how quickly prices are rising and how quickly they have to make a decision in order to secure their home buying purchase. In fact this past week, I had one listing that had 9 offers and 50 showings within a few days.

According to one of my agent colleagues, named Ben Day, who is brilliant with making sense of the market numbers, “There are more buyers than sellers within 80% of the Colorado Springs Real Estate market.” No wonder Christmas time has come early for Sellers. Yet Buyers are like those late Christmas shoppers who are scrounging the empty shelves to get what’s left.

Perhaps scrounging might seem too desperate because there are still some good homes being listed on the market. The core issue to consider is the escalation in price values of the homes being sold. Asking price is generally not the number one position when placing a contract on a home. Commonly, many homes are receiving competing offers in which the accepted offer may be $40,000 to $50,000 higher than anticipated. And some buyers are willing to pay the difference between appraised value and contracted price value.

Recent market numbers substantiate that there has been an 11% increase in home values during the first quarter of this year. Talk about the fire burning.

Will the market continue this fiery trend throughout 2017? If interest rates remain low and inventory is barely dripping out of the faucet, then I believe the Colorado Springs Real Estate market can expect rising price values with multiple offers being made on many listed properties throughout this year.

Our market is starting to mirror some of the market trends of Denver and northern Colorado. These locations have been blistering with escalating home prices and lower home inventories for the past few years.

How do you deal with the fire? BE PREPARED!

Feel free to contact us via office phone, 719-598-5101, or through the website contact page.

By: Cherise Selley

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