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Creating a unique story.

We are so grateful to dear clients, Tony and Ashley, who participated in this Premier Agent video with Cherise Selley earlier in 2018. They purchased and sold a home through Selley Group Real Estate, and spoke about their experience in this fast-paced real estate market. Their Northwest Colorado Springs home was in high demand this year! Cherise Selley has the experience and strategy to help navigate you through the listing process while being in tune with​ your unique story.

Got to have this! Shawna Uehling gives an example in which the home inspection provided the type of information about the condition of the property in question to the buyer. Regarding this particular scenario, the home did not pass inspection, and the buyer decided to terminate the contract process based upon the inspection report. In a nutshell, our group of Colorado Springs Realtors highly recommends that the buyer obtain a home inspection on any properties for which he or she is under contract.

In Colorado Springs, the home inspection process usually takes between 2-3 hours to perform, and the costs of the inspection range depending upon the type of inspection being rendered. A home inspection is usually performed by a professional who inspects all the aspects of the home in question, such as the exterior, structure, walls, windows, doors, roof, garage, grounds, interior walls, ceilings, floors, stairways, closets, electrical, plumbing, heating and A/C, attic, basement/crawlspace, just to mention a few of the home items.

Simply, why take the risk of buying a home and not having it properly inspected?

By: Cherise Selley

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Golden Glory

We interrupt our normal real estate day to bring you a moment of golden glory.

The beauty of the fall leaves changing among the majestic mountains provides a scenic backdrop where inspirational dreams are made. Some people seem to embody certain seasons, and my good friend and Associate Broker, Shawna Uehling, represents fall to me … it is so fun to see the season through her eyes.

For Shawna, fall is why the move from California to Colorado was so special for her family: the opportunity to experience four seasons. We were able to get away for just a few hours and drove about 30 minutes past Woodland Park into Florissant. Ahhhhh, if you haven’t seen those fall leaves yet, you better hurry. Fall is certainly one of the most special times of year in Colorado! If you do miss it this year, you might plan to visit one of the 10 Best Places to see fall leaves next year!

By: Cherise Selley

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