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2220 N Cascade Ave 80907 – Old North End Neighborhood.

The Doctor’s Victorian is a perfect, introductory name for this uniquely crafted home that was built in 1898 in the Old North End neighborhood of Colorado Springs.

Let the age of The Doctor’s Victorian, like fine wine, tantalize your senses as you discover the marvelous history behind this remarkably well-built home.  In fact, this place has an undeniable appeal that touches the hearts of those who visit it.  I want you to think about this. Every home tells a story.  And this particular home carries the wondrous history of healing, as The Doctor’s Victorian was the residence of a physician who medically treated patients here.

Let’s put the storied history of The Doctor’s Victorian into context… You have to start by turning the pages of history back 120 years ago when William McKinley was the president of the United States.  Lots of changes were happening to America, such as Ellis Island opening its doors to immigrants, black and white movies without sound were hitting the big screen, and the identity of what the true West represented was vacillating between the ruggedness of the times and the advent of modernization.  Events such as prohibition, the Great Depression, and Jackie Robinson sliding across home plate had not occurred until decades later.

The Doctor’s Victorian was built as a wedding present for a doctor and his wife.  This doctor was associated with what was then Glockner Sanatorium (presently now as Penrose Main Hospital).  The doctor was also one of the founders of the Town and Gown Club, which was the third golf club (presently Patty Jewett Golf Course) established in the United States.

The history of the home was not buried in the Rocky Mountain soil long ago, but instead, continues to march to the drum beat of transformational change today, as seen with the continued restoration of this meticulously crafted Victorian.

Fast forward to present day reality, this home does not carry any “old house” problems.  The room and private entry that was once used for surgical services has been restored to the study off the living room by the fireplace.  Electrical, plumbing, plaster walls and all woodwork have been either restored or refinished.  Everything in this home has been brought up to code.

A largely appealing feature about this beautiful place involves outdoor living. There is approximately 1,100 square feet of outdoor living space, including two wrap-around porches and a deck off of the master bedroom.  The privacy wall and gate make this property a peaceful, secluded living space.  Solicitors walk right on by… The yard has been completely re-landscaped this past spring.  If you like gardening, this is your place!

Become part of history of The Doctor’s Victorian!  A private showing awaits you…

For more information about The Doctor’s Victorian, please contact Cherise Selley, 719-337-9779 or email her at

Although Cherise Selley, Owner/Broker of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, has had many closings over the past 20 years, it’s never tiresome for Cherise to finish out inspecting the fine details of a home before it’s closing. Normally, real estate walk-throughs are times to celebrate those moments for buyers who are excited about moving into their next home. However, it’s also very important at the walk-through to make sure that all items on the inspection resolution have been properly attended and that the home has remained in the same type of condition as when it was contracted on by the buyer. In most cases, the walk-through process is one of reflection and anticipation for buyers as they enter into a new season of their life as they move into their new home.

Selley Group Real Estate Blog Pilates

Realistically, I could write several blogs about the low inventory (about 30% less active listings from this time last year) within the Colorado Springs Real Estate market and how its bottle-necked effect is influencing the pricing for both buyers and sellers. And as a result, many characteristics stemming from this type of market reveal that lots of decisions for either buyers or sellers are based upon reactions rather than occurring from sound, strategic approaches.

That’s why I wanted to scratch out this blog…

With all the craziness happening within the real estate market, I want you to stop for a second if you’re trying to wade through the deep waters of encumbrances.

Take a deep breath, get mentally focused on the core of your beliefs and then confidently move onward, step-by-step, through the real estate process.

These three principles (breath, mind and movement) are also integral to the highly efficacious methods of Pilates.

My husband and I firmly believe that the health of the body (physical, mental and spiritual) is one of the important holistic factors that are central to better living. We not only subscribe to better living through exercise, but we have taken it one step further by actually owning our own Pilates studio, named SELLEY PILATES.

In a nutshell, healthier choices are not made from a chaotic mindset, especially when putting significant real estate deals together. And for most people, purchasing a home is their largest financial transaction of their life.

And the same goes for the health of the body. Healthy living does not happen when the body’s systems are functioning out of disorder.

So…without trying to seem overly philosophical, I want to encourage you to take a step back for a moment when the real estate process becomes overwhelming, and…

Take a deep breath, get mentally focused on the core of your beliefs about healthy living and then deliberately proceed forward, step-by-step, through the real estate process.

In most cases, the rewards for persevering to the end are really transformative!

By: Cherise Selley

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Personal Insights: Remodel or Buy Another Home?

My husband and I have recently finished a mammoth 2-year remodel project on our home and when asked, “Was it worth it?”  Well…

The journey had presented many interesting challenges that required an extraordinary amount of patience.

First, we were confronted about whether we should sell our existing home or should we simply move into another home in a higher price range. We had zero interest with making a lateral move. We chose the remodel route. Not because we thought the process was easier than simply selling and moving into a brand new home, but rather, we are part of the real estate business and have quite a few connections in the subcontractor industry who could help make our design choices come in to fruition.

Like many who are faced with similar questions about remodeling or buying another home, concerns about financial profitability were forefront on our minds. My husband went overboard with excel spreadsheets, outlining many scenarios about profitability. No matter the direction, we empirically knew the calculated costs were going to stretch our budgets.

Nonetheless, our story transcended the spreadsheet numbers. Our story was about making change — the kind of change that brings life — the kind of change that breaks the monotonous chains of stagnancy — the kind of change that brings color to the black and white realities of living. Frankly, we were ready for change.

Profoundly speaking, we found ourselves in the very same place that we’ve seen many of our other clients have experienced who are navigating through different seasons of life. While we were juggling the numbers to justify the remodeling expense, we also wrestled between adding value to our home versus adding perceived value to our life.

For us, we wanted to accomplish both objectives. Being part of the real estate industry, we are well aware of the importance of making upgrades to our home. In the long run, this process usually brings increased value to the home. And secondly, we wanted to bring value to our life through having the home remodeled. We desired simplification, organization, and bringing peace from the past years of moving a million miles an hour through leadership, work and raising our family.

The remodeling process itself did not bring life into our lives in a warm and fuzzy way. Rather, it challenged parts of our marriage like a blowtorch refining silver. It certainly would’ve been much easier to buy another place and move into a turnkey home without the hassles of remodeling. Yet for us, looking back at the process through the lens of hindsight, our perseverance through the remodeling process improved aspects of our marriage and our home.

It helped to give us long-term vision and objectives during our season of transition. Long-term wise, we know holding onto our home for three years or more will likely provide a higher selling value. But most importantly for us, we appreciate the love we put into the home. It’s as though our efforts to make our home environment better helped in some measure to deal with some inner issues within our own lives. In a way, I would describe parts of the remodeling process as healing.

So, do I recommend that you remodel your own home instead of buying another home? Simply, it is a personal decision for you and how you feel called to live out your life story. Because of our experiences, I’d be more than happy to sit down with you to discuss the best direction that you’d like to take — remodel or to buy another home?

By: Cherise Selley

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Cherise Selley Realtor Colorado Springs Award


Cherise Selley believes that service goes far beyond lip service or advertising a lofty brand within the real estate profession. Therefore, she has put the rubber to the road in terms of offering outstanding service and then being evaluated for her services rendered by an independent third party.

From 2011 to 2017, Cherise Selley has been part of the Quality Service Certification (QSC) program, which is the real estate industry’s leading provider of independently administered customer surveys. In fact, over a nearly 20-year period, QSC has administered over 1,000,000 post-closing surveys to accurately access legitimate reviews from actual home sellers and buyers as to their past customer feedback findings. QSC is the only source for objective agent ratings designed to help real estate consumers make informed choices in selecting their real estate professionals.

For the past 6 consecutive years, Cherise Selley of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, has received the QSC Platinum Service Recognition. This award represents the highest level of service achievement in the real estate industry.

When interviewing Cherise, she was asked, “What does it take to offer platinum service to your real estate clientele?” Her secret, which isn’t really a secret, “Simply, I continue to develop my listening skills. I do not try to figure out what’s best for my clients until I really hear what they fully have to say. Their opinions and perspectives are very important in strategizing a plan and discerning the right path for them to take as they buy, or invest, or sell residential property.”

By: Gordon Selley

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Selley Group Real Estate Blog Weather Changes

Weather & Real Estate Market

It’s February 21, 2017 and the temperature outside is 68 degrees with completely sunny skies. WHAT??? Really??? Ever since my husband and I have lived in Colorado Springs (husband, since 1985), we haven’t seen this degree of extreme warmth during what’s supposed to be the snowiest month of weather for Colorado Springs.

Likewise, you can say the same thing about the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market.  Over the past twenty years of my real estate career, I can count with my fingers on one hand when the INVENTORY of ACTIVE LISTINGS was actually lower than the number of pending contracts.  In other words, things are extremely unusual for both the climate and the market, and realistically, for about every other institution in our country, including religion, politics, and the likes.  Everything seems juxtaposed from what might be considered normal.

So, rather than trying to create shock value about our culture or specifically, the market, I have a few words to help you STAND FIRM when the winds of change are furiously blowing.

First, DO NOT BE TOO ALARMED… Last year started similarly as this one, as real estate agent and client alike were frustrated with the perception of having TOO LOW of INVENTORY of listings in our market.  It felt like all of us were pulling out our hair to try to best serve our pool of buyers who were scouring around to try to get any affordable home, especially in the price range of $400,000 or less.  And this price range makes up 88% of all single-family homes sold in Colorado Springs during 2016.

I do not want to paint of picture of doom and gloom about having a real estate market with low listing inventory.  Because in the end, 2016 started its year with extremely low inventory, only 1,052 new listings in January, but as the year progressed, so did its sales.  In fact, the year-end sales were 15.6% higher for single-family properties than the total sold figures for 2015, which is really remarkable.

Second, BE PREPARED… What does the beginning of 2017 look like?  The winds of change are still blowing.  Actually, we are starting a little slower with listing inventory than the previous year, 2016.  The number of new listings for January 2017 is 15.4% lower than this time last year.  Only 890 new listings were found in our Pikes Peak Multiple Listing Service.

HOW TO BE PREPARED… In other words, get your buying or listing strategy established with a real estate professional.  The foundation of your decision-making requires attaining great discernment about the real estate market data, understanding the insight about the number of moving pieces that exist throughout the contract process, and simply, having the kind of trust with your real estate agent that will guide you through to the end of your closing process.

Third and final for this blog, ACT WHEN GIVEN AN OPPORTUNITY… In many cases, especially regarding the $400,000 and under portion of the market, time is not a luxury when the extreme climate changes are happening.  As with the real estate market, you must be able to make quick, yet informative, decisions about making your home purchase or selling your property because others in the market are making, most likely, swift moves to either sell or buy their single-family residential property.

Although this is the nature of our market currently, you do not have to be blown over by the moving pieces.  But instead, I encourage you to STAND FIRM and ALLOW US to help you to make the best decisions possible when purchasing or selling your next home.

By: Cherise Selley

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A gem waiting to be discovered

Pleasant Valley is located in the desirable west side of Colorado Springs and is bursting with the historic charm of the 1950’s … many homes have been family legacy homes for generations.

The area is truly an insider’s secret, one where you have a mixture of vintage and remodeled homes surrounded by the epic beauty of Garden of the Gods and historic Rock Ledge Ranch. Within walking or biking distance, you’ll also find yourself near the subarea of Westmoor Park. You will find homes starting in the $200,000 range with fully renovated properties in the $500,000 range.

Watch these local community highlights and enjoy the vibe of living close to Downtown Colorado Springs, Old Colorado City & more.  Pleasant Valley is a perfect place for running and biking enthusiasts, as well as those who want to live near the heart of Colorado Springs yet with a feeling of nostalgia. Discover this gem waiting for you in the landscape of Colorado Springs real estate!

By: Cherise Selley

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Change is a constant in life. As much as we like to get comfortable in a set pattern of living or doing business, change will eventually come a-knocking, and when it does, we must embrace it or fight against it – and fighting against change is about as useful as fighting against a hurricane in a rowboat.

At our boutique real estate brokerage, this past year has been full of changes! Instead of polishing up old methods of how to do the real estate business, our group of agents decided to step out of the box to make some very positive changes to the entire organization from the ground floor up.

Selley Group Real Estate, LLC

Office Space? Yes, of course. Our offices are redesigned for you in mind. Better community seating. Flat screen TV’s mounted on office walls to show you the best of high-tech market analyses (easy to read and understand), HD imaging of our marketing, and pure comfort so you can share your story about buying, selling and or investing in Colorado Springs Real Estate.

We didn’t stop there with our upgrade overhaul. We stepped up our branding with use of professional video and photography, built new websites and have incorporated other technological advances to bring you the quality and skills our agents offer at your fingertips. We believe it’s easier to see how to do real estate and to tell a story with video/film, rather than simply trying to translate the language of real estate by outdated methods.

Besides making great changes that benefit you, as well as us, Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, we have taken it another step forward. We have also built small businesses within the community as well as being part of Peak Producers, who intentionally connect with local outreaches to help those less fortunate. More to come about this in future blogs. There is exciting stuff happening here in Colorado Springs!

Finally, this transformational change is all possible thanks to the wonderful clients that have walked through the doors of our office, putting their trust in us to represent them, their homes, and our community in the best way possible, and with all of the changes that we are implementing, we hope to be able to serve each client in new and unexpected ways.

Feel free to contact our Colorado Springs Realtors at Selley Group Real Estate, LLC: 2139 Chuckwagon Rd, Ste 210 – Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919 – 719. 598. 5101.

All agents affiliated with Selley Group Real Estate, LLC are actively licensed in accordance to the laws of Colorado.