Customize a Vanilla Suburban Home on a Budget

You DO NOT have to be overly tentative about making some decorating changes to your home, whether it’s a single-family dwelling and/or a townhome. Along with selling houses (which she loves to do), Shawna Uehling, a top Colorado Springs Realtor of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, and mother of 4, explains her flair of interior design, as well as showing you how to remodel or customize your vanilla suburban home on a reasonable budget.

Our group of professionals believe that you will really like this video interview because Shawna Uehling helps you to start the remodeling process and encourages you to complete what you believe in and what brings life (from a home improvement position) into your home.

How do you get started on the remodeling process? According to Shawna, “start with some theme that you love.” Your choice of theme does not have to mimic the styles that you might find on Pinterest or on an HGTV home improvement television series. She adds, “not everything has to perfectly match.” This is the beauty about putting your own unique touches on refurbishing your home. Think of it this way. Your home can be your canvas where you can create your own art through design.

When touring her own home, Shawna brings you first into the kitchen. This is where life begins for her through the construct of hospitality. Not everyone is expected to spend upwards of $60,000 on kitchen cabinetry in order to have a beautiful remodel. Boldly, Shawna decided that the replacement of cabinets for open shelving was the focal point of her kitchen remodel. She stumbled on the reality that open shelving actually created more shelving space. Also, Shawna is very astute about avoiding any type of clutter within her design efforts. She states, “don’t be afraid to keep your stuff out to see.” Actually, you will keep less dish items exposed and inevitably, you will probably use only those kitchen items that are essential for cooking and for the aesthetic appeal.

In the kitchen eating area, Shawna took chances on her lighting. Creative thought on interior design often gives birth to more creative ideas, even when making your own lights. Shawna gives a plug for “The Barn,” located in the historic district of downtown Castle Rock, Colorado. The Barn – Antiques and Specialty Shops – is made up of over 30 unique shopping spaces under one roof. There is a plethora of items in which you can select from when coming up with some creative and reasonably priced ideas for upgrading your home. Shawna shows how she converted metal baskets into her kitchen lighting. This is a great idea and was accomplished on low-budget pricing.

Shawna also explains that she is an advocate of flea market repurposing. Besides finding great deals, Shawna loves to bring the unexpected and the old into new and useful for purposes of remodeling.

Other tips of low budget redecorating in the video interview includes the use of cedar fencing in horizontal and vertical wall planking, repainting a traditional brick fireplace, bringing a collection of items to fill wall spaces, etc.

The remodeling process can be accomplished in sections. The process does not have to feel like 2 to 3-years of drudgery, in which it feels like money is falling out of the holes in your pockets. Instead, for example, Shawna explains that some of the projects can be simple and easy and reasonably priced, and these can be accomplished over a long weekend or two. In other words, you too can customize a vanilla suburban home on a budget!

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