Our Adventure: Living Abundantly Through Chronic Pain

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We’re exceedingly proud and excited to announce a new platform, a new adventure, and a new stage in our lives! Many of you know us closely, and know that while we’re deeply professional, we also operate this business as if it were something more than a real estate brokerage; and that’s why we’re comfortable sharing this with you — something deeply personal to Cherise and Gordon, and perhaps deeply personal to many of you too.

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For the last 25 years, Gordon and Cherise have struggled and succeeded to grow in their spiritual lives, their personal lives, and grow Selley Group despite Gordon’s constant struggle with the physical suffering of deep and intense chronic pain. Indeed, they made the choice years ago to grow through the pain, not simply “beyond” it. It’s from this struggle and this ultimate triumph that we’re launching “Gordon & Cherise” — a weekly podcast and video series discussing how we’ve accomplished this in love, in faith, in success.

Since 1996, our marriage has an enduring hope that transcends the challenges of battling chronic pain, role reversals, blended family, and running a real estate brokerage. Through it all, we are determined to bring life and hope to other people. We want to give a voice of dignity for those who may not have found their voice yet. To remind them that victory is on the other side of the battle that they are facing. We love to bring life to the human heart and with God’s grace, we desire to restore beauty in people’s lives and in their home. Our purpose is to help inspire people to keep going, no matter the obstacle, to their ultimate purpose in life. Join us on the journey. From podcasting, book writing, speaking, devotionals, designer tips – discover health and home in a fresh and life-giving way here.

Welcome to The Gordon & Cherise Show! 

Over the next few months Gordon and Cherise invite you to join them and learn, truly, that abundant living through Christ is possible, even in deep suffering. Follow us for more — knowledge, experience, motivation, inspiration, hope and plenty of laughs along the way.