Colorado Springs Realtors Military Appreciation Program Info

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Effective January 5, 2012

Regardless of your branch of service, we would like to extend a tribute to the active military personnel who are actively and faithfully serving our country during this particular season of life.

First, we would like to express gratitude for your efforts to protect this great Republic. Thank you for your oftentimes underappreciated service for maintaining the safety and well-being of not only America but all of the other unstable regions throughout the world. Without your patriotism and vocational courage, our lives would certainly be in a constant state of flux, and eventually, in a tight-gripped snare of peril.

Second, and specifically pertinent to your real estate needs, we do offer a “Military Appreciation Program,” in which we make some financial sacrifices on your behalf. Of course, our real estate group upholds its ethics and service to the standards placed forth by the Board of Realtors for the State of Colorado. Any and all cash remuneration, even in the form of pre-paids, upgrades or closing costs for the client, must be subject to lender requirements, and the lender must be agreeable to do this program on a case-by-case basis. Our group does not participate in the “Military Appreciation Program” if referral fees or other financial concessions are required from the buyer commission fee at the closing of the real estate transaction. Rebate shall only apply for properties for which the co-op commission offered by Seller and/or Listing Company must pay Broker a 3% or higher gross commission. Essentially, our “Military Appreciation Program” provides competitive incentives against those relocation companies that also promulgate financial stimulants for military personnel. We offer this program to all military affiliates, not just those who are USAA members.

Military Appreciation Program

Please contact us and take advantage of our program.