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Why should I work with a Realtor® in my new home search?

To begin with … it’s free! The home builder pays our commission, not a new buyer. And in most cases a builder will not provide a buyer any kind of credit if they’re not represented by a Realtor®. We’re your advocates in this process — one which can be complicated and stressful at times. There’s a lot going on and you should have a professional on your side, helping you with every step.

How do I begin the process of building a new home?

Building a new home begins with what’s most important to you. It might be a particular school district or a job location. And while you may feel ready to build from the ground up, you might also consider finding a spec home that’s already underway, or new construction that’s complete. If you decide to build from scratch, you’ll want to choose a fitting floor plan. 

Does it seem like a lot? Have no fear. When you align with the right realtor at the beginning of the process, that agent will help guide you through the details for a much smoother ride.  

Who are the best builders in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs has some phenomenal builders. However, the perfect builder for one client may not be the best match for another. A variety of factors come into play when choosing a builder. We have years of experience working with Colorado Springs’ home builders, and we can help you decide which to work with based on your needs, their reputation, their warranties and follow-up, our personal experience with them, and more. 

We’re also skilled interpreters. Builders and buyers often speak different languages. We serve as a go-between, ensuring that your builder understands your requirements and your vision, and that what they’re conveying makes sense to you.

Is it more affordable to buy or build?

Traditionally, a newly constructed home costs more upfront than buying a re-sell. However, in the end, you might actually save a bundle by building. 

With a resell, buyers often spend money to renovate the home to meet their standards. However, with new construction, you can get exactly what you want from the start, right down to the finishing touches. New construction can also save you money in energy efficiency.

Why should I choose the Selley Group as my Realtor®?

Here at the Selley Group, we have over a century of collective experience in Colorado Springs real estate, with much of it centered around new construction. We have great relationships with local home builders and a unique set of relevant skills ranging from design to sales. We’ve even built homes of our own! We’ve been in the trenches. 

In times of significant decision-making, it helps to have a sage guide at your side. When you’re ready to build your home, we’re poised to be a skilled liaison between you and your builder, making the experience easier than you ever imagined.