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Northern Colorado Springs is known for its suburban feel, its planned communities, parks and award-winning schools. Northern Colorado Springs is also generally newer than the rest of the city. The growth boom that Colorado Springs experienced in the 1980’s (and is still experiencing today) was expressed, in large part, in growth and development north. Many of the neighborhoods mentioned here are even younger than this — developed within the last decade or sooner. Up here, the planned community concept is obvious, and commercial development is on the outskirts of neighborhoods. There are parks in abundance, exceptional schools built within the neighborhoods, golf courses, gyms and recreation centers and functional grocery store shopping centers seemingly all designed around a family-friendly theme. This being said, there’s quite a bit of diversity between each, individual neighborhood. Luxury, custom homes can dominate areas like Cathedral Pines, Forest Lakes, Kings Deer and Monument. Small acreages and horse properties can also be found in abundance on the norther edge of this area as well. Further south and to the east, function and practicality might dominate, as opposed to homes reflecting a luxury lifestyle. Planned, luxury golf communities such as Flying Horse truly stand-out. While primarily suburban in nature, these northern Colorado Springs neighborhoods have seen commercial in-fill development in the last few years, offering more modern, mixed-use commercial amenities such as restaurants, shopping, and even night-life to this traditionally residential part of the city.

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