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Selley Group Real Estate Cherise QSC Award

Delivering the highest quality of service.

In today’s real estate marketplace there is a great emphasis placed on agent and/or company branding.  Getting the consumer to see your “eye-catching” brand is often the focus of what it means for brokerage branding.

But Cherise has taken the concept of building her “brand as business” one step further.  Not only has Cherise Selley of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC been successful to advertise her brokerage effectively, but she has operationalized her brand by delivering the highest quality of service to her entire customer experience, as noted year after year for the past several years by QSC.

Simply, QSC stands for Quality Service Certification, which is “recognized as the real estate industry’s earliest advocate and the leading provider of independently administered customer surveys.” And “QSC is the only source for objective and validated agent ratings designed to help consumers make informed choices in selecting real estate professionals.”

In a nutshell, “client feedback from the surveys (independent of agent influence) becomes part of the agent’s credentials…where buyers and sellers have the ability to select a real estate professional based upon each agent’s validated record of service satisfaction.”

And as written in The Gazette (Colorado Springs Newspaper) on March 31, 2018, “Cherise Selley of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC in Colorado Springs, CO has repeated the previous year’s achievement of being granted the highest level of service achievement in the real estate industry, Quality Service Certified Platinum.  The award is in recognition of earning 100 percent client service satisfaction in 2017 as measured by Leading Research Corporation (LRC).”

For more information about real estate inquiries, please contact Cherise Selley, 719-337-9779 or email her at

By: Cherise Selley

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When trying to find the right words to the describe the video preview of the Briargate area in Colorado Springs, two words jump from the pages of my thoughts – suburban living.

Over two decades ago, 9,600 acres of open land laid bare for the right developers to come in and plant their vision.  And plant they did.  Those barren parcels of land turned into a master-planned community, which today remains a very popular residential hotspot within Colorado Springs.

In fact, the Briargate area is ranked #4 regarding livability within Colorado Springs, when taking four variables into consideration – lots of local amenities, sunny weather, high income per capita and a stable housing market.

Briargate certainly promotes the epitome of suburban living with plenty of outdoor areas for recreation, walking trails, neighborhood parks and such.  There is also plenty of shopping, for example, at The Promenade Shops at Briargate, and the area shows many people are working out their minds and bodies at the Briargate YMCA and LifeTime Fitness, as well as playing golf at the Pine Creek Golf Course.  If you desire to select your place of worship, there are plenty of churches nearby in which to choose, not to mention visiting the nonprofit, Focus on the Family.  Last but not least, Briargate boasts some wonderful educational opportunities within District 20 schools.  The list is long regarding the continued growth of hospitals, small businesses, etc. from this wonderful master-planned community.

Simply…Enjoy the drone of the area!  If you desire to contact me, then please do not hesitate to call!  Cherise 719-337-9779.

By: Cherise Selley

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The month of June has simply flown by this year. Nonetheless, I wanted to write a short blog about the Manitou Wine Festival that occurred on June 3rd. What a great time and a testament to the growing diversity of culture among our community!

Each year, 30 or so Colorado wineries open their signature bottles of wine to our community for some wonderful wine tasting. And of course, the legal age to try these unique wines is 21 years. Even though this event was about wine tasting and marketing specific products, my expectations about the festival were overly exceeded by the excitement in the air.

Other than wine tasting, there are plenty of other things to do as you let your hair down from the stresses of life, such as listening to live music, walking around and looking at all the other gift and food vendors, grabbing a bite to eat for yourself or simply soaking in the culture around you.  I found myself spending a few extra dollars on plenty of spices and cooking oils.

I do not have enough positive superlatives to attach to my wine tasting experience, except to say that I would recommend that you follow the Colorado Springs Event Calendar and keep your eyes open for next year’s Manitou Wine Festival.  See you there in the early part of June.

By: Cherise Selley

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