The Design Influencers on Instagram We Follow

Simply, we love how this video contains “behind-the-scenes” footage about holistic design for your Colorado Springs Home. This raw and fun dialogue between Shawna Uehling, Judy Steenland and Cherise Selley brings out forthright transparency among this talented group of women about what really inspires them regarding design and its relationship to Colorado Springs Real Estate.

Judy Steenland expounds on the fact that she oftentimes follows fashion, design, food, colors, or whatever that fits under the umbrella of styling. She believes that all of these aspects of styling help to refill the waters of inspiration. Recently ranked #7 as a social media Instagrammer in Colorado Springs, Judy does much more than simply post beautiful homes on her Instagram page. She focuses on community engagement, in which she tries to help her followers to get to the place where they can also share in her inspiration and begin the design and real estate process in Colorado Springs. Judy’s Instagram blog is ourcoloradomountainhome. Feel free to follow her and see her own building process so that you might glean some inspiration from her for your own personal use. Also, feel free to contribute your ideas about design on her Instagram. The more the merrier! Almost forgot to mention that Judy is a Home Goods junkie and frequently visits the Wayfair website online.

Next up regarding design inspiration is Shawna Uehling. Known for being thrifty and always searching for the best prices on a budget, Shawna really knows how to put everything together to get her clients, as well as for yourself, the best of design for some great lower prices. Shawna encourages you to get started online. Take a peek and browse as many websites that you can find when punching the keys on your computer or iPad for various search terms. Personally, Shawna enjoys looking at the design choices that are found on Pinterest. This site helps her to get her design juices flowing. Regarding color schemes, Shawna recommends that you look at the Sherwin-Williams site. You’ll be able to get an idea about how to figure out which exact colors fit into your design appetite against hundreds of choices on the Sherwin-Williams color pallets. It’s not all about colors, as Shawna explains that she likes to also visit the site of Miss Mustard Seed. Here you will find that this designer takes old things and repurposes them for modern-day use. In a way, this perfectly describes design transformation, taking the old and making it new.

Lastly, during this video interview, Cherise Selley chimes in about other aspects regarding design inspiration. Her go to is the Architectural Digest magazine, as she can glean ideas from simply bouncing around shapes and textures of buildings in her mind. Cherise likes to figure out the design continuity, then from this platform, she likes to figure out what shapes and styles of furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories will best fill the size and shape of a space that is being astutely decorated. Perception does become reality. And Cherise enjoys bringing this aspect of design to her Colorado Springs Real Estate clientele.

This talented group of top Colorado Springs Realtors piggybacks off each other to coordinate with home staging, remodeling, and simply, getting a better vision about what property to purchase within the Colorado Springs Real Estate market.

Make sure that you inquire about the discounts you can get from Cherise Selley and her group. Cherise Selley is an authorized Uttermost Dealer and has a membership with Carpet Connection in Colorado Springs, in which plenty of discount pricing is available to you.

Other formidable influencers for this group of Colorado Springs Realtors includes Restoration Hardware, Home Bunch on Instagram, as well as Magnolia

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