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A Special Group of Colorado Springs Realtors

What really lies beyond the name, “Selley,” of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC? Understandably, the leadership of this Colorado Springs Real Estate brokerage would have to make several videos before being able to adequately answer this question for you. But for now, take a careful look at this video to discern how the culture of this organization might actually connect with your future real estate needs. We’ll give you a hint, though. It’s our team of award winning real estate agents in Colorado Springs.

Beyond the name, Selley, there exists what you see … our culture … which is comprised of top Colorado Springs Realtors who are part of a very special organization. And when something extraordinary happens within an organization, it’s important to recognize the recipe of its successful outcomes, but it’s not necessarily advantageous to bottle up its ingredients for the purposes of commercialization. With the rise of social media these days, commercializing just about anything or everything fuels this marketing platform (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) for many businesses. What typically happens? Additional colors and more verbiage are added to make up for the platitudinous of the organizational message. Or it seems like commercialization becomes the paint brush to mask the weaknesses of an organization, or simply, it’s an instrument to create additional income against the backdrop of profitable sales.

Contrary to the realities of business commercialization exists the lifeblood of an organization, which in the case of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, are their seasoned Colorado Realtors. And when something extraordinary happens among experienced agents of life and real estate, then culture is created. The obvious exists. What does leadership do next with an emerging specialness within an organizational, workplace culture?

Simply put, in the earlier years, nothing was done during the identity formation of their culture. Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner and Gordon Selley, COO, decided to be deliberate about allowing independent thinkers (Colorado Springs Realtors) to grow in their respective gifts without judgment, then the job of vision and customization fell upon their leadership. When something extraordinary occurs, you have to have the patience to let it happen organically. 

So… what does the culture look like, feel like and work like? 

The culture of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC is not cut from the corporate cloth of larger real estate brokerages. Instead, the culture consists of an atmosphere of excellence, customized operations, collaborating thinking, creative marketing, and quality assurance that is similar to the brand model of Switzerland — award winning real estate agents working closely together, bringing a quality, rather than a quantity approach to their clients. Rather, than crafting the highest quality of Swiss watches and making delicious chocolates, Selley Group Real Estate, LLC focuses their skill and efforts on high quality, detailed real estate and investing in relational capital of their clients and other real estate relationships and community programs, just to mention a few. That’s right – relational capital. Relationships are connected with the lifeblood of the Selley Group Real Estate, LLC organization. 

Hope you enjoy the video! And if you have real estate needs and are looking to work with high quality real estate brokerage, then please do not hesitate to give us a CALL!