The Importance of Staging and Transforming a Home

We’re back with Elizabeth Anderson of Alchemy Designs! This time, we’re at our beautiful Stagecoach listing to discuss STAGING! Staging is an absolutely crucial part of selling your home, even in the current seller’s market. We have never had a seller regret staging their home and the result always takes their home to the next level.

Did you know buyers stay an average of 4 times longer at a showing when the home is staged? That is an absolutely staggering statistic!

This home in North Colorado Springs already has incredible light and beautiful finishes, but it was lacking connection to potential buyers. People were coming in and looking at the space, but having a hard time visualizing their life within the walls of the home. That’s why we took the extra steps to stage this home, which is now sold.

Staging allows buyers to feel more relaxed and to envision themselves in the home! It can also remove fears about the space, as buyers feel more connected. Staging truly brings a home to its full potential!