Colorado Springs Short Term Rentals with Cherise Selley

Within this growing economy of Colorado Springs Real Estate, there are plenty investors who are always looking for innovative ways to prudently invest their capital within our local real estate market. And over the past 5 years especially, the concept of investing in short-term rental properties, rather than long-term rentals, has caught fire within Colorado Springs.

Certainly, there are pros and cons between short-term and long-term rental strategies, as well as weighing the inherent risks of acquiring any type of rental income property. So … Cherise Selley, a Colorado Springs Top Realtor, decided to venture out of the residential market for a moment to interview Evan Wilburn, Owner of HOSTE, a management company for the Airbnb industry, about his perspectives regarding short-term rental properties.

Evan Wilburn, in which HOSTE manages 80 short-term rental properties, explains that there really isn’t a saturation rate when it comes to the short-term rental market within Colorado Springs. In other words, demand is clearly keeping up with the supply, and making an investment within Colorado Springs coincides with the growth of the population, as well as the growing travel to this part of the United States.

Colorado Springs has been ranked #3 as the Best Cities to live in the United States by US News. The appeal is quite obvious if you visit here in person. The outdoor beauty of the Colorado mountains will most likely mesmerize you – not to mention that Colorado Springs has a low cost of living, low unemployment numbers and offers an increasing amount of recreational and entertainment options for all who visit and/or who reside in this place of around 700K population.

The future for Colorado Springs, branded as “Olympic City,” is very optimistic as expected population growth numbers, and economic development statistics show great opportunity for all who are interested to make Colorado Springs their home landing pad.

And regarding those who are simply traveling to Colorado Springs and who are scrolling the internet to find a short-term property to rent through Airbnb, these guests tend to look for certain items on their personal checklists about the properties for which they plan to rent.

Evan Wilburn of HOSTE explains that there is tremendous value about the guest experience that should not be disrupted when it comes to short-term rentals. He states that there is a growing list that attracts visitors to short-term rentals versus other options of attaining overnight and/or weekly stays.

New is the recommendation for a short-term rental. It seems as if people prefer new construction with new furniture, creative designs, modern kitchens and bathrooms over the older traditional homes. Views, hot tubs, pet-friendliness, and property uniqueness help to define the search for value that is applicable for short-term rental customers.

And besides what you can see with the human eye about new short-term rental properties, the unseen parts about the business, including service, behind the scenes management and administrative work, are handled by HOSTE – a topnotch short-term property management in Colorado Springs.

Again, take your time and view this video about Airbnb properties in Colorado Springs. Cherise Selley, Owner/Broker of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, 719-337-9779, operates one of the real estate Companies in Colorado Springs that is involved with the short-term rental world for investors. Please do not hesitate to give us a call and/or visit our website for more information.