The Doctor’s Victorian

2220 N Cascade Ave 80907 – Old North End Neighborhood.

The Doctor’s Victorian is a perfect, introductory name for this uniquely crafted home that was built in 1898 in the Old North End neighborhood of Colorado Springs.

Let the age of The Doctor’s Victorian, like fine wine, tantalize your senses as you discover the marvelous history behind this remarkably well-built home.  In fact, this place has an undeniable appeal that touches the hearts of those who visit it.  I want you to think about this. Every home tells a story.  And this particular home carries the wondrous history of healing, as The Doctor’s Victorian was the residence of a physician who medically treated patients here.

Let’s put the storied history of The Doctor’s Victorian into context… You have to start by turning the pages of history back 120 years ago when William McKinley was the president of the United States.  Lots of changes were happening to America, such as Ellis Island opening its doors to immigrants, black and white movies without sound were hitting the big screen, and the identity of what the true West represented was vacillating between the ruggedness of the times and the advent of modernization.  Events such as prohibition, the Great Depression, and Jackie Robinson sliding across home plate had not occurred until decades later.

The Doctor’s Victorian was built as a wedding present for a doctor and his wife.  This doctor was associated with what was then Glockner Sanatorium (presently now as Penrose Main Hospital).  The doctor was also one of the founders of the Town and Gown Club, which was the third golf club (presently Patty Jewett Golf Course) established in the United States.

The history of the home was not buried in the Rocky Mountain soil long ago, but instead, continues to march to the drum beat of transformational change today, as seen with the continued restoration of this meticulously crafted Victorian.

Fast forward to present day reality, this home does not carry any “old house” problems.  The room and private entry that was once used for surgical services has been restored to the study off the living room by the fireplace.  Electrical, plumbing, plaster walls and all woodwork have been either restored or refinished.  Everything in this home has been brought up to code.

A largely appealing feature about this beautiful place involves outdoor living. There is approximately 1,100 square feet of outdoor living space, including two wrap-around porches and a deck off of the master bedroom.  The privacy wall and gate make this property a peaceful, secluded living space.  Solicitors walk right on by… The yard has been completely re-landscaped this past spring.  If you like gardening, this is your place!

Become part of history of The Doctor’s Victorian!  A private showing awaits you…

For more information about The Doctor’s Victorian, please contact Cherise Selley, 719-337-9779 or email her at cherise@selleygroup.com.