Interior Design Trends for 2020 with Cherise Selley & Smith’s Carpet Connection

The sparks fly off this video between Cherise Selley and Marina Herrera of Smith’s Carpet Connection during their interview on Selley TV talking about interior design trends. It’s no surprise to see the enthusiast energy between these two people, as both are highly passionate about interior design and have worked together for several years. 

Carpet Connection is a wholesale, members-only (builders, contractors, designers and Realtors) company that has been in business for approximately 20 years in Colorado Springs and offers a myriad of design choices and services. Last year, Carpet Connection moved to their new facility, which is located at 4250 Buckingham Drive. Cherise aptly describes their new place as a wonderland that is like “eye candy” for those who want to either prep their existing home to list on the Colorado Springs Real Estate market, or to pick out design choices for the purchase of a new, Colorado Springs home.

Carpet Connection offers a wide range of choices when it comes to everything that you might want to put on the floors or the walls, such as tile, countertops, carpet and flooring. Traditionally, this is the time of year when Cherise’s real estate clients are motivated to stage their homes to put on the market for sale.

As a result, part of the distinct advantage to list your home with Cherise Selley is based upon her long-term relationship with Carpet Connection as a member. She receives about 50% off retail pricing, and Cherise literally passes this entire savings (50%) back to her clients. And because Cherise has worked with Marina for many years, the clients are given the highest level of service to help refurbish their homes.

As you watch the film, it is interesting to see one of the hottest items that is being sold daily from the Carpet Connection warehouse. Specifically, this is LVP flooring, which is the Luxury Vinyl Planking that is scratch resistant and waterproof. This particular product is found in all types of homes, including the upper end ($1,000,000 +) price ranges. It is a wonderful alternative to traditional wood or other suggestive carpet options. It’s one of the top interior design trends for 2020.

When designing or upgrading your home, it is often difficult to make the best choices when given so many options from which to choose. Don’t let the eye candy intimidate your design choices. Feel free to ask Cherise Selley, 719-337-9779, or Marina Herrera for their assistance as you sojourn through the remodeling or design process. Cherise is there for you to simply enjoy the process even more and to gain the most profit from remodeling your home!