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Millennial Generation:

Millennial Buyers are Integral to the Real Estate Market

What do we really know about the emerging millennial generation? A lot, but really not much at the same time, especially if we are not born between the early 1980’s and ending in the early 2000’s. And instead of creating a long and boring blog that tries to figure out the complex layers regarding the millennial generation, I just want to say, “I love working with you!”

I have two sons (one natural and the other is my stepson), ages 25 and 28. And I am a grandmother to boot. It’s no secret that you’re smart as heck with all the statistical information at your fingertips. And your multi-tasking abilities far exceed the neurological wiring in my brain. For instance, I can’t chew gum and play video games and text and post on Instagram and drink Starbucks at the same. But still…

The amount of information that you’ve gathered and your innovative thoughts about making investments and your willingness to purchase your first, or perhaps, your second home, also requires teamwork and savvy discernment. And I understand this. And I know that you don’t trust just anyone. Can’t blame you.

But what I have observed is that you have great ideas and when you believe in your own vision, then you’re usually unstoppable with getting what you believe. WOW! This is why I love to work with millennial buyers!

So how are you integral to the real estate market? You’re killing it in the real estate market! Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the National Association of REALTORS® states, “For the third straight year, millennial homebuyers made up the largest chunk of homebuyers – 35 percent, edging out Gen X (26 percent), boomers (31 percent) and the silent generation (just 9 percent)…and 87 percent of millennial buyers will end up using a real estate professional…”

I’m not going to close with my long list of credentials of doing real estate for 20 years. Simply look up my group (Cherise Selley) on my website, or shoot me a text, 719-337-9779…

By: Cherise Selley

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