Real Estate Stories with Cherise & Judy

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It’s really easy to fall into the trap of believing that selling real estate property is much like the crazy things you might watch on television, such as “Million Dollar Listing” or “Flipping Houses” or something similar to a Chip and Joanna Gaines makeover series.  But from the perspectives of these two excellent Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents, there are many other layers about being top Colorado Springs Realtors that goes far beyond the glitz and glamour of reality television, the “real” real estate stories are often more about the people than the property.

Undeniably, being a top Colorado Springs Realtor incorporates all the facets of knowledge, skill, and a complete understanding about the transaction process, as well as having empirical experience within the real estate industry, just to touch the tip of the iceberg of what it takes to rise to the top of this profession.

Cherise Selley and Judy Steenland have combined real estate experience of 45 years under their belts.  Each of them has encountered all kinds of people, all kinds of residential properties and designs and floorplans and views, all kinds of inspection objections, all kinds of creative financing, and basically, all kinds of unimaginable questions, in which they must pursue and investigate so that they might help to make the right home purchase occur, if even possible.  In essence, there is a TON of work that happens behind the scenes.  

Think of this… When you’re listening to a song artist perform a lovely song, it’s natural to fall in love with his or her voice regarding that particular recording.  But listen more carefully.  What about the not so obvious that makes everything else come together, such as the orchestra playing, the background vocals harmonizing, the hours of practice happening with little to no acknowledgement, the in-studio scheduling that has to get everyone together within an hour time slot, the administrative work of financing and marketing and social media…? All of this effort to hear one song.  I think you get the point – it requires all of this effort to have a successful real estate closing.

Selling Colorado Springs Real Estate is a business.  Nonetheless, besides squarely placing the emphasis on the business side of things, there is also a human element to consider.  And the human element cannot be separated from the business perspective. Simply put, selling Colorado Springs Real Estate is also a people business.

That’s why this Selley Group Video Series is focused on peoples’ real estate stories within real estate market.  Our top Colorado Springs Realtors believe that people represent the true-life blood of the industry. 

Cherise Selley and Judy Steenland have a treasure chest full of heart-gripping stories about why people either buy or sell Colorado Springs residential properties. Some narratives are rooted in brute sacrifice and suffering, while other stories unfold various ways of how some people perceive value and profit from the types of homes they choose to either buy or sell.  

Regardless, the stories aren’t exactly scripted nor are these made for television entertainment.  No… the reality is that the story about peoples’ lives pack richness about life and carry meaning for everyone who is involved with the real estate transaction.  And for many Colorado Springs Realtors, it’s these people stories that bring an unspoken reward about their identity and purpose for being a Colorado Springs Realtor.

When you’ve practiced real estate for 45 years (combined experience) or so, like Cherise Selley and Judy Steenland have, then you have the discernment to reflect on what’s the most important aspects of finding the right home for certain people, so that they can continue to write their own stories about life and to pass this valuable information to their family generations to come…

Continue to watch and listen to Cherise and Judy, as they dive even deeper into the meaning of these stories about peoples’ participation within the real estate market.  There are plenty of real estate stories here — There are lessons that we all can glean from this content.

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