Semi-Custom Homes in Sanctuary Pointe

It’s become too familiar among all who are affiliated with the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market these days about the low listing inventory that is active within today’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS). As a result, during this particular season of real estate, many buyers are choosing to go the route of building their own Colorado Springs Home.

Judy Steenland, a top Colorado Springs Realtor of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, is located at a real “live” construction zone on this video interview and openly discusses some of the differences that are associated with building either a semi-custom or a custom home. And specifically, Judy addresses these differences as it pertains to the homebuilding process in the inspired, master-planned community of Sanctuary Pointe, which is located in beautiful, Monument, Colorado.

Sanctuary Pointe is located on 400 acres of luscious landscape that is nestled within the trees on the western portion of Black Forest and within the Monument region of northern El Paso County. In a thought, Sanctuary Pointe boasts “the feel of Colorado living,” especially in light of the network of trails that offers the outdoor enthusiast a chance to get some great exercise and to commune with the beautiful front range mountain views and to get inspired by the thriving nature found in this area.

Some of the local, semi-custom builders of Sanctuary Pointe include Classic Homes, Saddletree Homes and Vantage Homes.

Typically, semi-custom builders hire their own builder reps to help with the sales portion of the homebuilding process. Judy Steenland explains this fact quite well and mentions that it is still quite important to have your own Colorado Springs Realtor to represent your own interests during the homebuilding process. Situations such as inspections, alternative design ideas, and simply, the ability to make sure the entire contract process happens smoothly are good reasons to have your own Colorado Springs Realtor representation.

One good rule of thumb when it comes to real estate is to never overbuild and/or price yourself out of the neighborhood in which you reside. This sage advice applies to either building a semi-custom or custom home. Nonetheless, when you build a semi-custom in the neighborhoods of Sanctuary Pointe, most likely, you will build this property for less money than a custom home, and you will still be able to thoroughly enjoy the benefits of feeling that luxurious Colorado lifestyle against the undulating hills and trees of the area.

Judy Steenland points out the obvious between building a custom and semi-custom home. When you build a Colorado custom home, then you have 100% input about the floorplan design, architectural planning, selection of upgrades, etc. Yet, there are those buyers who do not want to be bothered by all the minute details regarding what it takes to build a custom home from the ground up. Some of the advantages regarding building a semi-custom home include building in a lower price range while maintaining the feeling of having a beautiful custom home. Regarding semi-customs homes in Sanctuary Pointe, you do not have to come up with your own floorplan design nor are you able to really change structural things, like walls, when entering the building process. Nonetheless, you can have plenty of input, such as where the semi-custom home might be placed on the lot, selection of upgrades and colors, addition of different windows, etc. It all depends on the desires and resources of the buyer(s) who plan to build their Colorado Dream Home.

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