Springs Rescue Mission 2018

Transforming Lives.

Cherise Selley of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, as well as 2017 President of Peak Producers, and Stu Davis of the Springs Rescue Mission sit down for a short interview to talk about their corporate relationship, as it relates to the process of transforming lives for those who have faced some very difficult challenges in life, such as homelessness, drug addiction and brokenness.

Cherise elaborates regarding her deeper perspectives about trying to understand those who feel forgotten and how to connect more effectively with the Springs Rescue Mission.  Which by the way, the Springs Rescue Mission is a wonderful organization that lends a hand-up for those who want to change their lives for the better.

Both Cherise and Stu fully recognize how their perspective organizations have effectively partnered to help re-write some the hopeless stories of the downtrodden into jaw-dropping success narratives.

For example, last year (2017), Peak Producers helped financially and through relational participation with the Springs Rescue Mission to launch 15 men from homelessness to becoming fully certified in their work training program.  In other words, 15 lives received hope in the midst of darkness.  These individuals were fully trained in a vocation as well as given pastoral care and are independent from the streets for which they once lived.

Transforming lives and having community participation to make Colorado Springs an even better and more progressive city is simply part of the vision for 2018 for the Springs Rescue Mission as communicated by Stu Davis.

Don’t just read the words in this brief description about the efforts of the Springs Rescue Mission, but listen to the testimony of Steven Webb in this video to capture the essence of what’s happening to help others move onward and upward…