The Best Agents in Colorado Springs

With 23 years of Colorado Springs Real Estate experience under her belt, Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner, certainly understands what it takes to operate and manage a high volume real estate brokerage. She has done so for several years. Nonetheless, Cherise Selley does not believe that selling countless millions of Colorado Springs Real Estate (though she has sold over a third of a billion within the local market) necessarily defines what it means to have a highly successful real estate business.

As the transaction numbers grow and the community projects pile up to the sky, so does the weight of the toll, as it mounts upon the best agents in Colorado Springs who are fully engaged and are top producers within the industry. Frankly and oftentimes, the work load for the cream of the crop of Colorado Realtors can be consuming and quite heavy. Yet, this is exactly where “out-of-the-box” problem-solving and savvy decision-making takes over for those who are appointed for business leadership.

Growth compounded by growth, or growth for growth’s sake, does not equate to success. In fact, this multiplication paradigm oftentimes leads to excessive overhead costs, additional staffing stress, ginormous multi-tasking of contract details, unmet expectations of communication between the agent and the client, lower quality of service, and simply, there is not enough time in the day to accomplish all the tasks effectively about the real estate business. On top of these few common conundrums, you also have growing technological advances and social media, in which top Colorado Springs Realtors deal with a lack of margins within their career. For example, texts and emails and social posts are never ending from the early morning hours until late into the evening. It requires an organizational acumen to filter the insignificant stuff from the significant pieces of the real estate business.  

And what’s most important hasn’t really been mentioned yet in this blog… 

Cherise Selley believes that another pivotal aspect about having a successful real estate brokerage involves having a special connection of integrity and sage business practices with other industry relationships – those relationships with other Colorado Springs Realtors from other brokerages, broker associates within Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, administrative assistants, lenders, title companies, appraisers, inspectors, contractors, homebuilders, just to mention a few groups who are associated with the real estate field. 

And we haven’t even discussed the elephant in the room when it comes to what it means to be part of the Best Agents in Colorado Springs…

Succinctly put…Cherise Selley is most inspired by the raw and organic connections that she has with her clients, whether they are selling, buying and/or investing in Colorado Springs Real Estate. Though the business details are overwhelming at times, the Colorado Springs Realtors of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC try to not allow anything to get in between them and their respective clients.

Preserving and nurturing the core connections with clients has proven to garnish the highest profitability, both professionally and personally. Eliminating encumbrances allows you to effectively run the race of life, as well as the business practice. Keeping effective communication open between the client and the agent affords the highest value of service, and ultimately, it turns into a “win-win” for all the parties concerned during the real estate process.

There is so much to discuss regarding what it takes to become the best agents in Colorado Springs Real Estate industry. For now, enjoy this video to see if you sense a connection with Selley Group Real Estate, LLC. Perhaps this is the beginning of an effective business relationship that will endure and thrive for years to come…