The Lone Tree

The Lone Tree

There is a particular tree that undoes me every time I see it. For years now, it seems to get my attention every time I drive down the mountain pass. This pine tree grows out of the rocky side of a mountain. In complete isolation from other trees & impossible conditions, it seems to thrive. It stands brave & tall against all the odds and elements. It perseveres under all of our extreme weather conditions. It has had to find a way to burrow into the rocks with its roots to survive. Sadly, it will never get the taste of rich and fertile soil that other trees of its kind must take for granted. Yet, in these conditions, it is fully alive. If this tree were a part of a cluster of pines in the forest, it would go unnoticed. It is the sheer fact that the tree stands alone despite impossible conditions that it is even noticed. Every. Single. Time.  

Are your conditions seemingly impossible, and do you feel isolated, left on the side of a mountainous rocky place? Are you trying to burrow your roots into rocky places that hurt every time there is a bit of growth that occurs in your life? Do you feel exposed to all of the elements? Well, my friend, you are on display for all of God’s glory to be revealed in your present circumstances. You are being showcased in the heavenly places for His handiwork to be revealed in your impossible circumstances.

The amazing thing is this … unlike the tree … you have one holding you up in the rocky places. An invisible hand is the very source of your life in this very hard place. When nobody else is around, and you are fully alone in your pain, know that He is with you. And like the tree, you will stand.  

—Cherise Selley