The Dead Branch

The Dead Branch

Is the tree dead because the branch is dead? Once thriving with its other brother and sister branches, perhaps the dead branch was hit by lightning and instantly disconnected from the life essence of the tree. Yet, the tree itself remains brilliant and growing despite the death that seemingly entangles it. The struggle is real. The tree cannot hide the dead place. Rather, it illustrates to spectators how something so ugly can amplify the glory of the living branches around it.  

The tree is suffering, yet remains with hope. Nourished by the sunlight and the soil, the tree is adorned with a bird who has chosen to nest among the living branches waiting to hatch another generation along. What a display that death and life are next to each other! You cannot have one without the other. If the tree had to bear the full weight of the dead branch, it would already be dead.  

Life brings a series of many sufferings and even deaths where nothing can grow in the place of losses experienced. Yet, know you are part a great mystery displaying heaven’s majesty wrapped up in this juxtaposed position. No power of death can stop you from growing into fullness. One day in eternity, every part of you will be fully restored and will be radiant with life, reunited with the ultimate Gardener of your soul.  

— Cherise Selley