The Importance of Staging a Home

Due to the competitiveness of pricing and to the shortage of listing inventory regarding the Colorado Springs Real Estate market, it almost goes without saying that it is very important to stage your home if you’re wanting to sell your residential property quickly and for the most money possible. Elizabeth Anderson of Front Range Home Stage, LLC, who works with Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner on her listings, sits down to explain some of the benefits of home staging against the backdrop of the marketing efforts by local Colorado Springs Realtors.

Right off the bat, home staging gives the Seller a distinct advantage against the competition, as potential buyers are drawn to homes that have had professional staging. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, “approximately 46% of prospective buyers are more willing to take the next step to visiting the physical location … which improves the chances of the buyer placing an offer on the Seller’s home.” In other words, “home staging catches the eye and brings people closer to placing an offer on your home.” This is the importance of staging a home.

Elizabeth Anderson explains that only 10% of the public can actually envision how their futures might look about putting their own furniture into the spaces of a home on the market. This is one of the problems that home staging can solve. This artful construct helps others to imagine how to maximize the use of the spaces within the home, as well as to develop an emotional connection to the property. As a result, this overall connection helps to provide additional value to the home being sold.

According to Elizabeth Anderson, she has seen anywhere between 5-10% higher value to Colorado Springs homes sold, in which she has staged. It’s not that home staging changes foundation pieces of the home or automatically creates higher equity gain, but rather, staging your home does increase the perceived value of the property. This reality of seeing staged homes sold at higher values, even above asking price, has been well-documented throughout other real estate markets in the United States as well.

Regarding the marketing aspect of home staging, there is definitely a benefit to attract more people to your home on the internet and through digital marketing. Basically, home staging helps to create beautiful spaces that translates into beautiful online images and videography. All of these marketing positives feed into selling your home more quickly and for a higher profit.

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