The New Currency

The New Currency

Out of tune with nature that surrounds it, my eyes spot an old shipping container tossed alongside the trail. Abandoned and discarded, devoid of intention, it creates a blockage for the traveler … a distraction from the path. “It doesn’t belong here,” I thought. The container boasts to the trees, rocks, deer, and the weary traveler with its description of “GOLD” written in yellow letters on the side of the container. It’s a tease. Gold can buy nothing along this path. It’s a joke to think that the falcon in the air will carry gold away in its sharp talons. A new currency is needed.

It becomes evident to me that it is ineffective to stockpile gold inside of rusty shipping containers once promised to be delivered with riches at the zenith of life to a perfect destination of one’s choosing.  The truth is, one never arrives at the terminus of their choosing. Instead, we become the destination for the Chosen One who dwells inside of us. He leads us to riches beyond compare, riches found in the souls of those around us. Real currency exists beyond the measure of our lives and inspires the generations that go on after us.

I imagined gold bars inside of the shipping container exchanged for a small but valuable coin named Mercy. Although pocket-sized, Mercy triumphs over judgment and destroys prejudice. Mercy arrives at the perfect time with a perfectly quiet, yet overwhelming strength. Mercy has the power to kill but refrains from destroying. Mercy builds up. Mercy brings one home. Mercy has an immediate understanding of how to walk alongside the broken one until they are whole again. Mercy can not ever depreciate and has solvency that endures forever. I realize now is the time change the currency of gold into Mercy. The small coin now hiding in my pocket, Mercy, becomes invisible on the path and clears the way for others to see nature in its glory.  

—Cherise Selley 

*The mercy currency was shared by Dutch Sheets on a Passover seminar held by Chuck Pierce during the Quarantine of 2020