UCCS Peak Producers

As an alumnus, it is always exciting to see the new developments happening in your alma mater. As a graduate of UCCS, it is extraordinary to see the development happening on the 450 acres that house the University. Buildings are popping up along the Nevada Corridor, businesses are popping up and thriving, and the housing demand of the 11,500 students who are enrolled at the school is adding value to the surrounding community. I got to have a peak at some of the developments happening in the sports programs with the Peak Producers, (my access to the presentation was through Cherise, vice-president of Peak Producers). 

To illustrate the growth, Beau Kelly, UCCS’s Assistant Director of Development, showed us comparisons to the 2004 numbers, and the growth is really impressive. The school has gone from 7,646 enrolled students to 11,500. The athletic scholarship budget has grown from $250k to $1.2m, and the coaching salary has more than doubled. What this means is high quality coaches bringing in high quality athletes, which is a huge boon to this growing D-2 school. They’ve just added a baseball program and are creating a world-class indoor track and field complex next spring. Beau’s excitement ran through the attending members of Peak Producers, because the growth in the athletics program is a great sign for the growth of the rest of the school.

Beau also made sure to lay out some facts related to UCCS’s economic impact, which was very insightful. UCCS, on its campus, employs 1,700 people and adds $310m dollars to the local economy. Not to mention a 90% retention rate of graduates, meaning that 90% of UCCS graduates stay in Colorado Springs, putting their new education in to practice while working for local companies and creating new businesses here in the Springs.

For more information on UCCS, check out http://uccs.edu. For more information on their athletics programs: http://gomountainlions.com/

For more information on Peak Producers: http://www.thepeakproducers.com/

By: Kristofer Warbritton

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