A Multi-Generational Home: The Ramsay Family’s Journey

We’re ECSTATIC to announce a new series, following the incredible Ramsay family as they transition into a true, multi-generational home in Black Forest, Colorado. They have a unique story, worthy to tell — one that is probably reflected in the lives of many of you. Their collective energy, though, is something pretty rare.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be following the Ramsays as they renovate a new home, getting it ready for their elderly parents, and as their (5!) kids explore a new place to grow up in. The story here illustrates that real estate is very rarely just about a building. Real estate really is about life and the people who live in it!

Multi-generational homes are rapidly becoming more and more common—and as our population ages, the trend will continue. Here’s a fun story with a lot of heart that we think will spotlight a wonderful family, and an important trend.