Pay Now (Renovate), and Profit Later

We’re so excited to be kicking off our newest video series – Pay Now (Renovate), and Profit Later. We will be taking a house through a total transformation and bringing you with us!

Here in Colorado Springs, we’ve been seeing a strong seller’s market for months now. So, how do you maximize the profit from your renovation in these market conditions? We’ll take you with us through each step and share our biggest tips and tricks for a successful flip.

In an “apples to apples” comparison, another home on the street sold for $275,000 in September of last year. It was listed again in 2021 for $380,000 and sold for $420,000 after a renovation. This goes to show the large profit that can be earned from renovation efforts here in Colorado Springs.

Working alongside our designer/stager Elizabeth, we will be transforming this into a beautiful, updated home. Stay tuned for more of this new video series!