A Tale of Two Real Estate Closings

Back-to-back real estate closings with 2 great stories …

The other day I had the pleasure to be present at the real estate closings of two beautiful homes sold by two beautiful people! Working with great sellers is always a treat, but being blessed with two at virtually the same moment is something I wanted to commemorate. And in their own way, each of these circumstances illustrate what to do RIGHT when selling your home in this energetic market.


This modern “midtown home” in northern Colorado Springs stands out with its hip new design, its views, and its proximity to some of the most energetic new commercial developments in town. I am so grateful for having such an awesome client who couldn’t have put more love and ingenuity into his home! Because of the thought and the care that went into this home’s design, it shined, even among its peers within the development. We set a new neighborhood sales record, above our asking price and closed at $490,000!

What an amazing seller, an exceptional gentleman to work with and we’re wishing him a great adventure for the days ahead!


Located in northeast Colorado Springs not far from Palmer Park, this home is also a standout and one of the nicest on the block. There’s a sense of quality and care throughout that can be rare to encounter these days — all the more impressive by the fact that my seller did all of the updating herself! She made this home fresh and perfect for the buyer, and I’m proud of her. The home came with an “epic” porch swing on the back, and the buyer’s agent actually wrote in “epic porch swing” in the contract! Here’s to an EPIC seller! We’re wishing her much luck and endless creativity in her next season of life!

Both of these sellers took the time to put exceptional homes on the market with an eye toward exceptional results with their real estate closings. Even though the market is “energetic” and maybe skewed in the direction of sellers lately, home buyers are savvy — they want value and quality, just like we all do. Exceptional results can indeed be seen these days, but sellers still need to put in the effort. These two friends of mine worked hard and we celebrate the fruits of their labor. If you have any questions about what it takes to really see exceptional results, give us a shout!


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