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Judy Steenland, Agent - Selley Group Real Estate

First and foremost, we are so delighted to warmly welcome Judy Steenland of Dallas, TX with open and expectant arms to Selley Group Real Estate, LLC. 

When Gordon and I first met Judy during our face-to-face interview, it felt as if we had already known Judy for many years.  The lightbulbs in our thoughts automatically turned on with excitement and encouragement, as we shared many stories about real estate, family, faith and Texas.  Without doubt, we are confident that Judy will certainly add a spice of life to our real estate community, as well as to the clients that she will successfully serve.

Background Information:

24 years ago this year, Judy married her college sweetheart, whose name is Jonathan, and they had 3 children, consisting of one boy and two girls, whose names are Adin, Ally and Addison.  Judy and her family have had their roots firmly planted in Texas since the year 2000.

While living in Texas, Jonathan was the partner of his own cybersecurity business, and Judy carved out a beautiful real estate career (over 20 years) in the Dallas/Fort Worth market with Coldwell Banker.

Her record speaks for itself, as Judy was consistently in the top 10% of over 30,000 agents in the Dallas/Fort Worth real estate market.  Judy holds certifications as a Luxury Marketing Agent, as well as a Stager and Decorator, which comes in handy for effective marketing of higher-end properties.

Over the years, the Steenlands have enjoyed their love of travel and have mentioned making several trips to Colorado.  Like it does for so many others, the allure of Colorado eventually captured their hearts, and the Steenlands made a life-altering decision to move to Colorado Springs in 2018.

Decisively, that’s what they did, pulling up Texas roots and transplanting all of their business and life experiences into Colorado soil.  Currently, they are re-building their lives.  Literally, I might add.  Jonathan has joined the National Cybersecurity Center in Colorado Springs as COO.  The kids, perhaps young adults might be more fitting, are matriculating in School District 38.  And the Steenlands are building a new home in High Forest Ranch.  Lots happening as everyone is plugging into the Colorado Springs community.

Message from Cherise Selley Broker/Owner:

Personally speaking, I know it takes a huge leap of faith to leave a thriving business behind in Dallas and jump into the unknown… Judy, you have done this with tremendous courage.  Your talents and experience already set you apart! I am thrilled to have an agent of your caliber and character to join our group.  Welcome and may I say, “Onward and Upward to New Beginnings!”

WOW!!! What a powerful exchange between Greg Fowler of Real Estate Titans and Cherise Selley of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC.

The gist of the interview vacillates between Cherise’s personal and professional life, in which she openly shares some of her juicy nuggets about leadership performance and soulful richness.

Part of her growth within the Colorado Springs Real Estate industry has involved her drive to grow in her leadership gifts.  Partly born with the genetics of a “take charge” attitude mixed with developing her skills as a leader, Cherise explains how leadership has challenged the highest parts of her own capacity.

Yet, more importantly, Cherise Selley loves the fact that leadership helps to draw the right community around her, whether considering her boutique style brokerage (Switzerland mentality about business) or her professional involvement within Peak Producers, and/or other civic organizations.

In a nutshell, there are several jam-packed words of encouragement for others in this interview.  You must get your pen and paper out to take some notes as you watch.

When asked the question, “If you could go back 22 years and make some changes with your career, what would you advise a young Cherise?”

Aptly stated, Cherise touched on the importance of following your own gut instincts.  Of course, this is not to diminish the importance of renewing your mind or doing due diligence to broaden your business acumen.  Yet, Cherise touched on the importance of that “sixth sense” and to trust that discernment more.  She said that she would listen to that inner voice more and to not be afraid to walk in it.

When it comes to leadership, Cherise Selley punctuated the importance to stand for a cause that is greater than yourself.  It’s this approach to living for her that has united those who can’t stand for themselves and has also unified her Realtor colleagues.

Sit back and watch this 33-minute clip…

Greg Fowler … Thanks again for bringing good through your motivating marketing efforts into the complexities of real estate. For more information about The Real Estate Titans, please contact Cherise Selley, 719-337-9779, or email her at