An Old Home, A Story, and Possibilities!

Our latest installment of Selley Group TV:

Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, continues the series about story-telling and its deeply rooted impact upon Colorado Springs Real Estate Properties.  According to Cherise, each room of every home contains a myriad of stories. Not just stories about the construction of a certain property, but stories that put a spotlight on the families who have lived there previously.  

What’s peculiar about this particular video segment? Two salient points stand out…  

First, Cherise had the distinct pleasure to meet a few of the family members who were in charge of the estate.  Their clear recollection of the legacy of the family, whose roots come from Ireland, were visible throughout the home.  The visual style of retro living combined with meticulous cleanliness garnered the hallways and rooms throughout this story-telling Colorado Springs residence.  The legacy of the home spoke life-giving messages about the importance of organized living, as well as having an emphasis regarding the value of family living. In Cherise’s opinion, one could sense the history of a well-kept home by merely sitting at the kitchen table and taking it all in.

Second, you can write your own story even if you purchase a home, for which another family has lived in before.  Stories are ongoing and ever-changing. To create a new visual story represents a wave of transformation. And oftentimes this sense of creating something new from something older or retro requires the experience of others to help put the ideas into practical action.  Our group of Colorado Springs Realtors are flooded with design ideas and as part of our services, we love to help others write their own visual stories into their next home purchases. Visual stories create foundations for which the living portion of life can be effectively achieved.

Hope you enjoy listening to this video about real estate stories and feel free to follow us with more Selley Group TV segments which will bring to light the deeper aspects of Colorado Springs Real Estate.

Thank you again.  If you have any further questions or need assistance, then please do not hesitate to contact our group of Colorado Springs Realtors by calling 719-598-5101.