Building a Colorado Custom Home—Judy’s Personal Story

Selley Group TV Series – Building A Colorado Custom Home – Judy’s Personal Story

There is an intrinsic value in sharing stories. And when it comes to business, it’s plain as pie to acknowledge that peoples’ stories ultimately affect how the Colorado Springs Real Estate business operates to capture certain home sales. Oftentimes, these real estate stories aren’t necessarily linear, in which deductive reasoning about decision-making occurs squarely on a straight line. On the contrary, when it comes to peoples’ real estate choices and all the details that lie between the cracks of the contract and the actual closing, the process frequently takes all kinds of twists and turns before the right home is purchased by the client.

That’s why it’s particularly important to walk the home-purchasing journey with someone who is experienced to help guide you through the potential pitfalls. And if you’re planning to buy a Colorado Springs real estate property, whether new, or custom-built, or resale, it literally costs you nothing to have top Colorado Springs Realtor representation to see you through the entire real estate process successfully.

This video is about Judy’s real estate story. Judy Steenland is a highly regarded Colorado Springs Realtor for Selley Group Real Estate, LLC. She and her family moved to Colorado Springs from the Dallas area and are trying to establish solid roots within the local community. The process about making this type of change began percolating within the families’ hearts over the past few years.

Then one day Judy Steenland was looking online for a lot to purchase so that they might build their Colorado Springs dream home. Say no more! Judy must have been wearing her “Realtor Hat,” in which her mindset for finding the right lot came to fruition.

Everything was lining up properly. Judy Steenland had her ducks lined up in a neat and tidy row. The 5 1/2 half acre lot was purchased, and she and her husband were smack dab in the middle of building a Colorado custom home. Being approximately 18 months into the building process with about 75% of the home being completed, life took the Steenlands for some unexpected twists and turns in the road.

Because the Colorado Springs Real Estate market is still quite healthy, Judy Steenland sold her new Colorado custom home, as the family has made alternative plans to accommodate for their living conditions.

There are always uncertainties regarding the journey of life. And what is profoundly stated by Judy in this video is that building a new home is a way to create for the way people do life. In other words, to create is to become accountable for the way we live life.

There have been many lessons learned by Judy Steenland about building a luxury Colorado custom home. She has gained a ton of market and Colorado new-home-knowledge that she plans to share with her future clients.

The story doesn’t end here. There is much more to come as the Steenlands are contracted on another new home that is being built in the north part of Colorado Springs. Our journeys about living do not always fit into our initial designed plans. This is a great example of how peoples’ choices do directly affect which home purchase might be best.

Thank you again for following our group of top Colorado Springs Realtors through our video series. If you have any further questions or need assistance, then please do not hesitate to contact our main office number by calling 719-598-5101.