We ❤️ COS — A Colorado Springs Video

We’re busy. You’re busy. Everyone is busy. But every once in a while—on the drive home from the office, on a brief walk from your car into the store, or just a quiet moment by a westward-facing window—we can be struck with the realization that this place that we call home is absolutely exceptional. We are lucky, we are blessed to live in such a place—where a simple walk or even a quick glance outside can remind you of the magnificence of creation and also your place within it. Our Colorado Springs video starts with a time-lapse of a busy corner Downtown, in front of the offices of the US Olympic Committee (the message is almost self-explanatory … we are an Olympic City). The video cuts then to a scene from Pulpit Rock Open Space Park—a less-known local favorite with great views of Pikes Peak and beyond. A quick aerial shot of Downtown over the Pioneer Museum comes next, along with the sun rising over Garden of the Gods: one of the city’s true, world-class destinations (the park continually attracts more people every year than Central Park in NYC … substantial numbers for our “mid-sized” city!). We highlight another local favorite—Loyal Coffee: where a brew isn’t just a convenient vector for caffeine; it’s an art-form.

A quick scene of something whimsical in Downtown’s Acacia park, along with that most ubiquitous of afternoon experiences in the Summer—a thunderstorm flowing over Pikes Peak onto the city. We then highlight a bit more of Downtown, which has seen such a resurgence of activity, of unique and creative entrepreneurship and investment, all testaments to the energy and vibrance that you encounter here. We wanted the message in our Colorado Springs video to be simple: We love Colorado Springs and we hope that you will too.