Oktoberfest with the Peak Producers, Selley Group Real Estate and the Springs Rescue Mission

2019 President of Peak Producers, Cherise Selley, emceed an outstanding evening on October 3, 2019 with those who are top agents of The Peak Producers organization, then conducts a short interview with Travis Williams of The Springs Rescue Mission.

Peak Producers is comprised of a selection of the top 10% of Colorado Springs Realtors who are connected through philanthropic endeavors with The Springs Rescue Mission and Dream Centers – Mary’s Home on behalf of the Colorado Springs community.  For the year 2019, The Peak Producers have set a goal to raise $100,000 for these two very worthy causes. The idea is not that these funds are to be given out of pity for those who have faced some formidable obstacles in life, such as homelessness, drug addiction and abuse, just to mention a few.  No… these funds are given to these organizations to help “lend a hand-up” for those who are trying to get a fresh start in life.

For the past 4 to 5 years, there has been a business/charitable relationship between The Peak Producers and The Springs Rescue Mission.  And the rewards are found in the heart-gripping stories of redemption, in which people who have been homeless and addicted to drugs are now on their feet, working and drug-free.  These are the kind of stories that bring great rewards for anyone who participates in these kinds of charities. And for Colorado Springs Realtors, especially since “home” is part of their career purpose, it goes without saying that stories like these, ones of transformation from a place of hopelessness, generates great rewards of the heart for The Peak Producer members.

Please listen carefully to this particular episode and see how these organizations are really making a difference within the Colorado homeless community.  Stories… these are authentic stories about real change!Feel free to contact Cherise Selley or any of the other top Colorado Springs Realtors of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, 719-598-5101, selleygroup.com, if you have additional questions.  Or, for more information or to support two of Colorado Springs’ most effective charities doing good deed, please visit The Springs Rescue Mission and Dream Center’s Mary’s Home.