New Life in Colorado Springs—Supporting the Springs Rescue Mission

For this Thanksgiving, we decided to shift gears from presenting the inside scoop of Colorado Springs Real Estate to sharing our hearts about giving back generously to our local Colorado Springs community and to talk about something special—truly new life in Colorado Springs.

This particular video will give you just a glimpse into our philanthropic participation with the Springs Rescue Mission. Cherise Selley, the 2019 President of Peak Producers, sits down with Marlon Ashford, a recent participant of the New Life Work Program, to discuss his personal testimony and how he tangibly benefited from being part of this restorative curriculum.

After sustaining a shoulder injury while playing college baseball, Marlon explains that he basically became addicted to pain medication, specifically opioids, to try to ameliorate his pain-producing injury. Without success, Marlon then turned to drug usage of crack cocaine and found his life to become hopeless in the world of addiction, especially after his mother had passed when he had turned 38 years of age. His story is lengthy, being full of challenges and experiencing the depths of despair. It’s easy to become absolutely nothing when you’re walking down the wrong path of life and also finding yourself diving out of a rapidly traveling (60 mph) vehicle to avoid being killed by a drug dealer. But for Marlon, after recovering from these injuries somewhat, he then started on his new journey, walking… that’s right… literally walking from Canada and throughout the United States before landing in Colorado Springs.

This is when he felt directed by God to become part of the New Life Work Program, which essentially, is a strict curriculum to help to get people off of drug addiction and to place them back into the work force. We call it, a “hands-up” program because all of us have gone through some overwhelming difficulties in life and require someone else to lend a helping hand.

Tangibly-speaking, Marlon explains that the New Life Work Program has significantly helped him to regain his love for cooking. And he is now employed as a Sous-chef at a local hotel/resort. Marlon continues to thrive among Colorado Springs, as he assists with the Springs Rescue Mission, and helps other endeavors with his skilled cooking abilities.

Marlon no longer has to walk long distances to live out his purpose. Peak Producers provided a vehicle for his transportation. And besides being very grateful for this, Marlon has expressed that his passion is now realized, as he can give outwardly towards others because of how the Springs Rescue Mission gave inwardly into him.

For this last quarter of 2019, if you’re looking for a worthy cause to sow (donate) into, then please consider either the Springs Rescue Mission and/or Dream Centers – Mary’s Home for this holiday season. We certainly hope you gleaned something inspirational from this video, and if you have additional questions, then please do not hesitate to give us a call … 719-332-4511.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!