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Devising a specific marketing plan for Colorado Springs Listings goes far beyond taking quick iPhone photographs, inputting the listing on the local PPMLS, and placing a sign in the front yard. Oh yes…it takes much more innovative thought to properly offer for sale a real estate listing even if the temperature of the market is boiling hot.

This is one reason we offer video previews of our upcoming listings.  Innovation.  And the thought of innovation is not primarily driven to out perform our real estate competitors as much as there is an emphasis of truly connecting our properties with the right buyers.

To thoroughly market a Colorado Springs Real Estate listing, it is important to understand “buzz” marketing.  In other words, it is paramount to connect the right clients to the actual value in what they’re purchasing.  And “buzz” succinctly accomplishes this objective.  The video preview is an introduction that stimulates the curiosity of our potential clients to venture deeper in their real estate journey.

We believe that the deeper connection from our marketing helps our real estate clients to combine the intellect with the emotional component of their decision-making.  And of course, we want sound decision-making for all parties concerned about our real estate sales.

Look through our eyes (video previews) to see the beauty and value of our listings, as well as the breath-taking landscapes of the Colorado Springs market.

Stay tuned for future video previews!

By: Cherise Selley

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