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Realistically, I could write several blogs about the low inventory (about 30% less active listings from this time last year) within the Colorado Springs Real Estate market and how its bottle-necked effect is influencing the pricing for both buyers and sellers. And as a result, many characteristics stemming from this type of market reveal that lots of decisions for either buyers or sellers are based upon reactions rather than occurring from sound, strategic approaches.

That’s why I wanted to scratch out this blog…

With all the craziness happening within the real estate market, I want you to stop for a second if you’re trying to wade through the deep waters of encumbrances.

Take a deep breath, get mentally focused on the core of your beliefs and then confidently move onward, step-by-step, through the real estate process.

These three principles (breath, mind and movement) are also integral to the highly efficacious methods of Pilates.

My husband and I firmly believe that the health of the body (physical, mental and spiritual) is one of the important holistic factors that are central to better living. We not only subscribe to better living through exercise, but we have taken it one step further by actually owning our own Pilates studio, named SELLEY PILATES.

In a nutshell, healthier choices are not made from a chaotic mindset, especially when putting significant real estate deals together. And for most people, purchasing a home is their largest financial transaction of their life.

And the same goes for the health of the body. Healthy living does not happen when the body’s systems are functioning out of disorder.

So…without trying to seem overly philosophical, I want to encourage you to take a step back for a moment when the real estate process becomes overwhelming, and…

Take a deep breath, get mentally focused on the core of your beliefs about healthy living and then deliberately proceed forward, step-by-step, through the real estate process.

In most cases, the rewards for persevering to the end are really transformative!

By: Cherise Selley

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