Preview: Mountain Shadows

On June 23, 2012, the Northwest portion (Mountain Springs) of Colorado Springs unexpectedly experienced the ravaging devastation of the Waldo Canyon Fire.  From practically every location of Colorado Springs, all who were curious to watch the unfolding fire travel down the foothills witnessed the sheer devastation of Colorado’s famed treasure, which is its rich nature that sprawls across its mountain range.  Instead of beauty, the landscape was visible with enormous smoke plumes that hid the foothills from view and filled the skies with the feeling of utter destruction.

Fast forward nearly 7 years… our video captures the evidence of life and growth and the renewed beauty of Mountain Shadows. It was estimated that 346 homes and/or structures burned down because of the fire, but quickly afterwards, the rebuilding efforts were very successful.  Mountain Shadows has been newly rebuilt and revived for several years.

Mountain Shadows mimics its name.  This region is known for its undulating topography of beauty that paints a picture of stability and hope.  Not with just its restoration of nature, but there is a reinstatement of wildlife that commonly enjoy calling the Northwest of Colorado Springs their home. Frequently, there are herds of Big Horn Sheep that graze near the Lanagan location.  And nearly everywhere throughout the Northwest neighborhoods (Mountain Shadows, Peregrine, Woodmen Valley, Pinion Valley, Oak Valley Ranch and Rockrimmon), flocks of deer are found relaxing in the yards, and rabbits are playing tag with each other, and the sounds of coyote let us know it’s night fall.

Living near the foothills offers the sensation of really living right against the mountains.  You’re able to hear the whispers of nature and wildlife alike, as well as smell the aromas of Pine trees and the blooming Spring flowers.

The Northwest offers excellent walking trails, such as Blodgett Peak and Ute Valley Park.  Traffic is relatively low.  Again, many of the residential homes are newly-built.  School District #11 is assigned to the Mountain Shadows area.  And the feeling of being on vacation is part of the lifestyle. Any further questions about becoming part of owning your residential property in Mountain Shadows, please do not hesitate to contact Selley Group Real Estate, LLC at 719-598-5101 for more information.