Real Estate Closing Day

Basically, the real estate closing is a time where there is a settlement reached between the buyer and seller of a specific real estate property. Not only is the real estate closing sometimes fraught with anxiety, but the experience also provides great joy for the parties involved with the sale of a property. In other words, there is cost involved to either purchase or sell of a property, but with this sacrifice and due diligence to perform the real estate transaction, there also usually comes a great reward.

At Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, we like to think of the real estate closing as a time of celebration, and we desire to see a “win-win” scenario for all parties involved, if this is at all possible. Regarding Colorado Springs Real Estate, an unusual phenomenon happens at the closing in the state of Colorado. On many occasions, the buyer and seller are both present at the closing table at a title company, such as Empire Title of Colorado Springs, to sign the appropriate documents, distribute all funds, and to have the deed of ownership transferred from seller to buyer. Once the buyer becomes the new homeowner, then the seller will hand over the keys of the new house to the buyer. The closing process involves many signatures on documents like loan docs, legal disclosures, tax records and more.  But the assistance from the title companies helps to make the process run very smoothly in Colorado.