2019 Parade of Homes with Cherise Selley and Selley Group Real Estate

Colorado Springs Realtors Cherise Selley and Judy Steenland discuss why it’s important to actually attend this year’s 2019 Colorado Springs Parade of Homes.  Besides having buckets of fun, this event brings appreciable inspiration for everyone, ranging from the interior design junkie to the novice who is trying to make some simpler upgrades to his or her home.  

Being part of the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes brings people together in a palpable sense of community.  Art and design and choices do not offer right or wrong against anyone’s opinion. Rather, multiple design choices, even from lower end homes, only bring out better design options and simply, community-building participation.  Think about it. Homes sell based upon what the consumer is really drawn to. And regarding this collection of Parade of Homes, there are some great options from which people feel inspired and connected.

But equally important about attending this event, these Colorado Springs Agents explain why actually previewing homes live helps to bring the abstract about design into practical reality.  And excitedly, some of the newer and riskier design changes for this year are really cool, yet solidly congruent. Some of the latest and greatest design concepts travel back and forth between Mountain Modern Homes to Organic Modern Homes.

Some of the deeper layers about the professional gifts of the Selley Group Real Estate, LLC Realtors involve helping with the interior design elements of new home builds and assisting the sellers who are making home staging upgrades.  Bringing inspiration to their clients, these Colorado Springs Realtors of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC will make a full tour of the 2019 Colorado Springs Parade of Homes tomorrow to gain more inspiration to pass along to their respective clients.

Something extraordinary is happening in Colorado Springs.  People are moving here in droves. The population is supposed to double over the next decade.  And people are more attentive about putting love back into their homes through savvy design. According to a high-profile new home builder in the higher price ranges (over $1 million dollars), he mentioned, “that the conversations and inquiries about making purchases in higher end homes have tripled over the past three years.” 

The trend is this.  People are motivated to improve their living lifestyles in Colorado Springs.  So… get your ticket to the Parade of Homes and be part of this part of Colorado Springs living.  Maybe you will run into Cherise and Judy there…