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Upscale living amongst the rolling terrain of the Cheyenne Mountain region, just south of the internationally-recognized Broadmoor Resort, aptly describes the area of Broadmoor Bluffs. Without doubt, there are some breath-taking views from various bluffs that afford you city and mountain views.  And the uniqueness of the swerves and curves of the plush landscape keeps you in balance with everything that surrounds you. 

There are two neighborhood parks, Oak Meadows Park and Broadmoor Bluffs Park, where you can catch that spectacular view just previously mentioned, as well as providing a recreational area for the kids to play.

The population projections for 2019 predict 41,862 people in the Broadmoor Bluffs area.  That translates into 898 people per square mile.  The number of households is 17,463, and the average income per household is above the national average at $77,889.

The Broadmoor Bluffs area consists of luxury, custom housing that is strategically placed on beautiful lots to punctuate the essence of Colorado living.  The neighborhood is specifically zoned to the highly-awarded Cheyenne Mountain School District #12. 

There is so much to do in the Southwest part of Colorado Springs.  Many visitors plan their trips to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the Cheyenne Mountain Resort Center, and of course, to the Broadmoor Resort.  Excellent golf courses, The Country Club of Colorado and The Broadmoor Golf Club, await golfing enthusiasts.

Enjoy the video and perhaps you might become part of the neighborhoods of the Broadmoor Bluffs of Colorado Springs. Feel free to contact Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, 719-598-5101, if you have additional questions.

On June 23, 2012, the Northwest portion (Mountain Springs) of Colorado Springs unexpectedly experienced the ravaging devastation of the Waldo Canyon Fire.  From practically every location of Colorado Springs, all who were curious to watch the unfolding fire travel down the foothills witnessed the sheer devastation of Colorado’s famed treasure, which is its rich nature that sprawls across its mountain range.  Instead of beauty, the landscape was visible with enormous smoke plumes that hid the foothills from view and filled the skies with the feeling of utter destruction.

Fast forward nearly 7 years… our video captures the evidence of life and growth and the renewed beauty of Mountain Shadows. It was estimated that 346 homes and/or structures burned down because of the fire, but quickly afterwards, the rebuilding efforts were very successful.  Mountain Shadows has been newly rebuilt and revived for several years.

Mountain Shadows mimics its name.  This region is known for its undulating topography of beauty that paints a picture of stability and hope.  Not with just its restoration of nature, but there is a reinstatement of wildlife that commonly enjoy calling the Northwest of Colorado Springs their home. Frequently, there are herds of Big Horn Sheep that graze near the Lanagan location.  And nearly everywhere throughout the Northwest neighborhoods (Mountain Shadows, Peregrine, Woodmen Valley, Pinion Valley, Oak Valley Ranch and Rockrimmon), flocks of deer are found relaxing in the yards, and rabbits are playing tag with each other, and the sounds of coyote let us know it’s night fall.

Living near the foothills offers the sensation of really living right against the mountains.  You’re able to hear the whispers of nature and wildlife alike, as well as smell the aromas of Pine trees and the blooming Spring flowers.

The Northwest offers excellent walking trails, such as Blodgett Peak and Ute Valley Park.  Traffic is relatively low.  Again, many of the residential homes are newly-built.  School District #11 is assigned to the Mountain Shadows area.  And the feeling of being on vacation is part of the lifestyle. Any further questions about becoming part of owning your residential property in Mountain Shadows, please do not hesitate to contact Selley Group Real Estate, LLC at 719-598-5101 for more information.

If you ever want to experience living in “The City Above the Clouds,” then Woodland Park is your place to reside.  When I think of Woodland Park, I can’t help but think of this community as an oxymoron, in the sense of this place being a “Booming Little Town.”  Once known as a community where the saw milling business was big, now the town has transformed into a tourist destination spot.

There are approximately 7,500 residents of Woodland Park, which is situated in Teller County.  The natural surroundings are breath taking with beauty galore.  You’ll find tall, mature spruce, pine and aspen trees that lusciously spread across the mountain range.  The air is different at higher altitudes.  Although Colorado air feels fresh and clean, the air within the City Above the Clouds seems even fresher. 

Whenever traveling to Summit County for snow skiing or Cripple Creek for gambling and fun or Deckers for camping and fishing, many travelers pass through Woodland Park for a pit stop.  And why not?  Woodland Park is the largest city in Teller County and tourism fuels its economy.  What seems to happen when visiting Woodland Park is that visitors sometimes turn into residents as they seek the higher qualities of living.  Admittedly, there’s something magical about Woodland Park as you can sense your soul unwind to rest and to think and to reboot and to live.

Woodland Park is a resort town and new businesses keep popping up all the time.  Bed & Breakfast stays, hotels, campgrounds, RV parks, tons of restaurants, shopping, the Dinosaur Center, the Shining Mountain Golf Club and many trails attract all kinds to this place.

What’s really cool about The City Above the Clouds is this… Even when snow falls in the winter the sun still shines about 300 days per year.  This allows for activity to continue amidst the beauty of Woodland Park.  Many of the residents also work in Colorado Springs and make the drive up and down the pass each day.

If you’re looking for that place where you can really get the feel of Colorado living among the beautifully undulating mountains, Woodland Park may be the place for you! Always feel free to reach out to me, Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC at 719-598-5101.

You really can’t miss the obvious about Palmer Lake.  This little mountain town is surrounded by… you guessed it correctly… Palmer Lake.  And really, the lake is the center feature of this town, which abuts to the Santa Fe trail system.  Regarding the lake itself, you may enjoy recreational activities, such as fishing, paddle boarding and kayaking.

Relative to the town itself, Palmer Lake is one of three communities within the Tri-Lakes region and has been around since the late 1800’s.  It’s located east of I-25 and is convenient for travel to either Denver (northbound) or Colorado Springs (southbound).

Palmer Lake has a quaint downtown area that offers locally owned restaurants, antique shopping, boutiques, art galleries, and other growing small businesses.  If you want to take the tie off and simply let your hair down and enjoy the freedom of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, then Palmer Lake might fit your lifestyle palate.  It’s a nature enthusiast area with hiking trails galore.

Special events are held during the holidays as the community gets together.  And of recent note about the new emergency town of Palmer Lake ordinance: No dogs allowed on reservoir trails at any time.

Give me a call if you’re interested to connect with the Palmer Lake vibe for living. Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, 719-332-4511.

Since 2019, there have been some major changes to the MLS map for the Pikes Peak region.  Essentially, there are no areas that are specifically demarcated for the northeast or for that matter, for any other designated areas for El Paso County.

So… take a look at this 2:00 minute video.  It covers major portions of the northeast, as well as some views of Pine Creek, Cordera and the Malls at Briargate.  Practically from any location in the northeast of Colorado Springs, you will enjoy seeing Pikes Peak, as well as the contiguous, foothill mountains.

Approximately 25 square miles boast of Colorado suburban living in this part of town.  The average elevation is around 6,500 feet.  Though the northeast has been around since the 70’s, new things are happening there.  There are abundant housing options at various price points, 58 schools in School District 11, University Village development, new shopping, new restaurants, and more movie theatres are some of the amenities about this growing area.

As you move more central on the northeast side of town, you can’t really miss the expansive growth of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  The university is slated to become larger than the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado.  Continued growth, residential investment opportunity, commercial development and simply, electricity flows among the students and neighborhoods of this area just east of I-25.

Enjoy the video and perhaps you might become part of the neighborhoods of the northeast of Colorado Springs. Feel free to contact Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, 719-598-5101, if you have additional questions.

I’ve heard this said from some longtime builders, “whenever you can stop and listen to the hammers banging, then you know the economy is doing well…” Well… the hammers have been working on and off since 2004 at the master planned community of Wolf Ranch, which is another residential collective located in the northeast section of Colorado Springs.

Some of the builders who have built some wonderful homes (different styles of course) in Wolf Ranch include the following: Challenger Homes, Covington Homes, David Weekly Homes, JM Weston Homes, Classic Homes, Creekstone Homes, Gray Homes and Vanguard Homes.  I apologize to any homebuilder who I have accidently left off this list.

By watching this video clip, you will notice plenty of open space (300 acres), over 10 miles of trails, a beautiful Recreation Center with pool, an amphitheater, and what I find intriguing is an elaborate Dog Park. 

Colorado Springs is noted for being the #1 Pet-Friendly City in the United States, and Wolf Ranch has certainly made accommodations for man’s best friend.  The WOOF Ranch Dog Park is newly located to the left of the Recreation Center.

The Dog Park is natural landscaping for both small and large dogs.  In fact, they have their separate areas.  There is also an agility section with 9 pieces of equipment, 6 seating benches, dog trash stations and a leash dock.

We have also presented by this video film a nearby hospital and the Promenade Shops at Briargate.

New areas of Wolf Ranch continue to open up.  Please refer to to keep updated about building options and any new announcements. For specific Colorado Springs Real Estate needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to me either through my website, or my office number, 719-598-5101.

Skyway is really one of the “original” neighborhoods of Colorado Springs, which is located in the southwest side of the city and practically sits at the base of Cheyenne Mountain.  Sometimes “original” doesn’t have to mean older and outlived.  Sometimes “original” brings beauty and value and parts of it can’t really be duplicated. That’s a great description for Skyway Park.

Measuring 1.819 square miles with a population of around 2,500 for the Skyway area, this particular neighborhood is simply beautiful.  Although charming is usually a great adjective to assign to many neighborhoods, it doesn’t do justice to the maturity and value of this magnificent area.

Mature spruce and pine trees stand tall amongst the neighborhood yards, and there is a connecting link from family living in these well-crafted homes to the adjacent Bear Creek Regional Park and the Bear Creek Dog Park. Recreation abounds for many youth leagues at these parks.

Statistically speaking, the percentage of family households for Skyway is around 55%, which is a little higher than other parts of Colorado Springs.  And the housing prices are also slightly higher than what’s found with other neighborhoods throughout other sectors of Colorado Springs. 

From a personal experience, having this video filmed early in the morning afforded me the opportunity to see the eloquent sunrise to beam against Cheyenne Mountain.  My breath was taken away when watching the colors against Cheyenne Mountain turn from purple to plum to green to orange and finally, to its normal brownish color. It was an absolutely beautiful experience to watch the cadence of light to dance against the foothills.  This is the essence of Colorado beauty! Don’t hesitate to connect with me if you’re allured to living in the Skyway neighborhoods.  Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, 719-598-5101.

The population growth projections for Colorado Springs (El Paso County) over the next decade are staggeringly high.  In fact, Colorado Springs, Monument and the surrounding areas are predicted to grow larger in population than Denver over the next few decades.  People are flocking here for various reasons, but one particular thread about the alluring draw to Colorado Springs involves its incredible beauty.

And the developers of the Forest Lakes master planned development must of thought about this when developing a luxury residential community just north of the Air Force Academy on the west side I-25.

Over 450 acres of sprawling landscape is being filled with newly-built homes, which surrounds two community lakes.  For those who miss the water, Forest Lakes offers some basic fun on the lake, such as Paddle boarding or simply resting beside the shore to enjoy the beauty of the glistening water against the magnificence of the mountain range.  This view will surely take your breath away…

What Coloradoan recreational enthusiasts enjoy is the interconnecting system of public and private trails of Forest Lake, as well as a neighborhood park and outdoor amphitheater.

When needing to travel the highway system, Forest Lakes is perfectly situated between Colorado Springs and Castle Rock, Colorado.  Easy access, reasonable time to get to different cultural events in either Colorado Springs and/or Denver are within 30 to 40 minutes of Forest Lakes. For more information about Forest Lakes or any other properties in northern part of El Paso County, please do not hesitate to contact me, Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC at 719-598-5101 for assistance.

From this video clip your eye probably focused on the obvious.  East Powers provides all kinds of affordable housing on the eastern edge of Colorado Springs, as well as providing Colorado Springs’ only Hometown Shopping Experience to the thousands that live on the east side of town.

When looking over the map of East Powers, you’ll notice that there is a main road that runs north and south to connect people between the military installations, such as Peterson Air Force Base in the south direction, and in the opposite direction, northbound, towards the United States Air Force Academy.  Plans are in the works to eventually connect the Powers Corridor to I-25, which will run through the Flying Horse sector of Colorado Springs.

The popularity of East Powers is undeniable.  It is a fast-growing area for residential development, as there are plenty of options from which to choose between many Colorado Springs homebuilders.  And commercial and retail shopping centers are plentiful from which to shop.

The First & Main Town Center helps to anchor East Powers, as many who enjoy going to the movies, or going out to eat at a nice selection of restaurants, or who appreciate the convenience of all kinds of shopping – the kinds of shopping ranging from home improvement and furnishings for the home to stores that fit your Colorado outdoor recreational lifestyles. For specific Colorado Springs Real Estate needs in East Powers, please do not hesitate to reach out to me either through my website, or my office number, 719-598-5101.

The historic part of the Old North End of Colorado Springs isn’t simply a history lesson that is buried away in a dusty old library for safekeeping.  No… The Historic Old North End of Colorado Springs presents with storied narratives that are still active today.

Without being square dab in the epicenter of Downtown, the Old North End Neighborhood has basically been preserved to become part of the signature of branding regarding the future plans of Downtown Colorado Springs. Wait until you see our “Olympic City of Champions” really come to life over the next few years.  Some of the developmental plans are incredible, and new businesses and restaurants are popping up all over the Downtown area.

While the Old North End Neighborhoods help to protect and enhance the neighborhood streetscape and the preservation of trees, and improving safety and living conditions, the efforts to cooperate with educational institutions, such as Colorado College, cannot be overlooked.  For years, Colorado College has been intricately involved with the city and offers the kind of stability that many communities fully appreciate.

The Old North End boasts of beautiful historic homes, large yards with fully mature trees.  In fact, the trees create a canopy over the walkways, in which you feel like you’re stepping back in time where individual creativity applied to each and every home that was constructed. 

The pace of life is laid back, as you’ll observe many who are walking their dogs, or those riding their bikes, or those who are taking long walks into Downtown, or those who are working on their gardens, or those who are simply visiting other neighbors who’ve lived in the Old North End for years. 

Like many parts of Colorado Springs, the Old North End is growing with energy and excitement about all the new things that are happening.

Give me a call if you’re interested to connect with the Old North End vibe for living. Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, 719-332-4511.