Neighborhood Preview: Woodland Park

If you ever want to experience living in “The City Above the Clouds,” then Woodland Park is your place to reside.  When I think of Woodland Park, I can’t help but think of this community as an oxymoron, in the sense of this place being a “Booming Little Town.”  Once known as a community where the saw milling business was big, now the town has transformed into a tourist destination spot.

There are approximately 7,500 residents of Woodland Park, which is situated in Teller County.  The natural surroundings are breath taking with beauty galore.  You’ll find tall, mature spruce, pine and aspen trees that lusciously spread across the mountain range.  The air is different at higher altitudes.  Although Colorado air feels fresh and clean, the air within the City Above the Clouds seems even fresher. 

Whenever traveling to Summit County for snow skiing or Cripple Creek for gambling and fun or Deckers for camping and fishing, many travelers pass through Woodland Park for a pit stop.  And why not?  Woodland Park is the largest city in Teller County and tourism fuels its economy.  What seems to happen when visiting Woodland Park is that visitors sometimes turn into residents as they seek the higher qualities of living.  Admittedly, there’s something magical about Woodland Park as you can sense your soul unwind to rest and to think and to reboot and to live.

Woodland Park is a resort town and new businesses keep popping up all the time.  Bed & Breakfast stays, hotels, campgrounds, RV parks, tons of restaurants, shopping, the Dinosaur Center, the Shining Mountain Golf Club and many trails attract all kinds to this place.

What’s really cool about The City Above the Clouds is this… Even when snow falls in the winter the sun still shines about 300 days per year.  This allows for activity to continue amidst the beauty of Woodland Park.  Many of the residents also work in Colorado Springs and make the drive up and down the pass each day.

If you’re looking for that place where you can really get the feel of Colorado living among the beautifully undulating mountains, Woodland Park may be the place for you! Always feel free to reach out to me, Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC at 719-598-5101.