Stick with it. Persevere. And let this be a beginning.

Stick with it. Persevere. And let this be a beginning.

Do you remember seeing anything like this – the COVID-19 – ever happening during your lifetime? Perhaps the destruction of the World Trade Centers on 9/11/2001 might compete with the coronavirus in terms of abruptly changing the historical path of America. But this coronavirus pandemic not only adversely affects the United States, but it is literally inflicting heart-pounding fear and destroying nearly all of the economies throughout every country on a global scale.

Needless to say, it was very difficult for Cherise Selley, Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC, to find the right words to express her position about this very unexpected viral invasion into every crevice of our American culture. Please understand that Cherise Selley does not profess to have the medical expertise about infectious diseases nor does she have the highly-acclaimed experience on either macro or microeconomics. Nonetheless, what Cherise Selley does have is skilled leadership, experience with long-term suffering (husband who was a doctor and has lived with chronic neuropathic pain for 26 years), as well as the ability to overcome tremendous adversity.

In this particular series about the coronavirus, there are two videos about the subject matter. During this first video, Cherise Selley openly speaks from the heart regarding some of the emotional aspects about this pandemic. The second video contains real estate-related information about the response of clients within the market dynamics during the containment phase of social-distancing.

Obviously, Cherise Selley expresses her heartfelt pain about the seemingly unmanageable fallout from this horribly-created virus. Until there are effective treatments and vaccines created to quell the effects of physical maladies, many of us are tightly gripped by the impending fear among the nation.

Related specifically to the business of Colorado Springs Real Estate, it is no secret that having healthy connections with other local businesses is part of the success for all parties concerned. And what’s happening now is simply unspeakable. While the quarantine phase is required throughout the construct of social distancing, there are some painful realities to this approach to minimize the damage of COVID-19. Frankly, it involves social distancing, which is a full shut-down of most businesses. Cherise speaks about the empathetic pain that she feels towards business owners, families and friends within the Colorado Springs community who have shared part of our explosive economy.

Right now, Cherise explains, “it feels like the earth has a gigantic band aid on it.” Economic fragility and human vulnerability are amplified, as well as our resources for abundant living (health and finances) are simultaneously compromised. 

When you’re hit unexpectedly from something like the coronavirus pandemic, it is easy to feel completely defeated by emotional and physical pain and the dramatic economic losses that will likely follow. Cherise encouraged everyone to minimize fear, breathe deeply, and to collect your thoughts against the tsunami of uncertainty and chaotic thinking. 

Cherise Selley also intuitively spoke about the reality of owning a home. She stated that this is part of our basic human needs – food, clothing and shelter. With immense gratitude, Cherise states that living in a home is a fundamental need for each one of us. When thinking about our homeless community, Cherise realizes that there is a higher exposure to the virus, as well as trying to deal with the super-sized difficulties of living on the streets. Because she is sensitive to others, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, who are experiencing a bump in the road of life, Cherise encourages these individuals to take the trek of transformation, no matter the size of the steps on this journey.

Back to the topic of living in a home. Although we can’t control everything in the world, Cherise states that we can take authority over our own environment. As she explains, “your home can be a place of solitude and restoration.” Over 23 years as a top Colorado Springs Realtor, Cherise understands what it takes to really know what it means to a build a home. It’s not entirely about floorplans, designs and finances. According to her, you have to understand what it takes to fill the rooms of your home with treasured memories. And as this relates to social distancing and remaining in your home, this is an opportune time to decompress and to embrace your brokenness, regardless of how painful this might be. Eventually, healing will come your way.

Just some poignant thoughts to consider…

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