The Path

The Path

There is an unexpected decision to be made along the trail of life. Which way do you go? Two paths appear at the trailhead. There does not seem to be a risk with either decision. Both have dusty footprints from those who have gone before.  Both trails demonstrate the beating down from years of use. Yet, there is only one path that leads to the safety of home. The other way leads to a place of eventual abandonment from all that life holds dear. Wisdom is also there at the edge of the trail; she can be heard slightly over the wind that rustles the pine trees in the distance. She is beckoning for you to ask for advice … appealing to you not to lean on your understanding because you might deceive yourself.

In true human fashion, you want to dismiss the whisper of wisdom because you hear another voice, the loudness of self-sufficiency demanding, “I can do this myself, I’ll figure it out.” A Great Wrestling occurs inside of your soul … a cosmic battle unseen by the passer-by who just blazed ahead of you.  You have entered the moment of Great Decision that must be determined before the sun sets over the mountains. Who wins? Choose at this moment which path you will take, for there will never be a moment like this again. All of heaven is rooting for you in a soft angelic whisper to take the only path that leads home. 

—Cherise Selley

Inspired by Proverbs 8 & Proverbs 14:12